WAZZU Morning Drip – The Next Day Edition

Happy Thursday Coug fans, as we wake up and get rolling after that heartbreaker of a loss last night to the hated Zags.  Coming from a guy who had watched, oh, about 1 minute and 30 seconds or so of college hoops thus far in 2012, even I tuned in late to watch the Cougs […]

Hoops Talk: History of ME Edition

  Hello Kenny, Hello Lenny, and Hello to my many Benefactors!   It’s me, your good friend and pal, Ben Bone! Today’s episode of Hoops Talk is brought to you by Keebler Cookies.  “When America needs a better tasting Cookie, it’s Keebler.”   Today’s episode of Hoops Talk centers on giving you the history of […]

Wazzu morning drip – Humpday Appreciation Edition

Greetings Coug fans, and a happy humpday to you and yours.  In today's edition of the Morning Drip, we'll take a look around at what's out there for today, plus some real appreciation for a certain player who really seemed to grow up in 2012.  So with that, let's get rolling….. You know, it's funny […]

WAZZU MORNING DRIP – Stay Classy Edition

Stay Classy Greetings Cougs, and a happy Tuesday morning to you and yours.  Now that we're all fully back in the saddle and all that good stuff, something dawned on Sutra and I the other day.  If we are going to do morning links-n-such again, we need to roll with a cool title or tagline […]

Monday Links – Back in the Saddle Edition

"It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like X-Mas!"   Happy Monday Cougs, and as you can see we're back in the saddle again with your morning links.  But first, a little explanation of what went down, and what's going to happen moving forward. First and foremost, as Sutra announced last night the blog will continue. […]

Breaking News: The Big Announcement

Siesta Motel, Colfax, WA (Reuters)- After four weeks of tense negotiations, the WSU Football Blogfathers emerged from a dark, smoke filled room to issue their statement about the future of the WSU Football Blog. The group’s lead negotiator, Coug-A-Sutra, guarded closely by his agent,  Skippy Dupree…. sauntered up to the mic to make what was […]

Heading to Off (Season)

Hello Followers.  Hope you're having a great week. In case you missed it, Mike Leach conducted his final official press conference for hte 2012 season.  And with that, the ribbon is officially tied on 2012 Cougar football.  For a few, post press conference thoughts and a bit more, read on. First and foremost, in yesterday's […]

Rising to the Level of the Competition

So much cuter when they lose. First of all I would like to say to the gentleman in front of us at the Apple Cup who began talking mountains of trash even before kickoff and didn’t let up until Furney’s kick sailed through the uprights in overtime… HA HA HA HA HA! F YOU! Sorry, […]

Game Balls

  Hello Followers.  Hope you had a great post-Apple Cup Weekend. As for me, well, I spent part of the morning on the treadmill.. …watching the 60 minute rewind of the Apple Cup on the Pac-12 Network. And, as I watched the game with a little lest angst, I thought it appropriate to hand out […]


  Cougs win 31-28 in an instant Apple Cup Classic.  Congrats, Seniors!!!! NOW, CELEBRATE COUGAR NATION!!!!

A Final Thanks

Hello Followers.  I hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving. As for me, well, time is once again short. But, because this is Apple Cup Friday and Senior Day, I thought it important to remind the faithful about a few key dudes who are playing their last game for the Crimson and Gray.  And those guys […]

A Sinner in the Hands of Angry Football Gods

To: The Football Gods C/O The Pac-12 Conference and NCAA Re: Mercy Hey, Football Gods. It's me, Huddy. I know that this is a busy time of year for you, what with your reign over the Bowl Championship Series and determining which team will be bestowed your ultimate gift and all. (By the way, don't […]

Half Truth

Hello Followers.  Hope your Apple Cup week is off to a good start. As for me, well, on Saturday I told you that I was looking for our Cougars to provide me with a much needed spark. Instead, what I have received over the past few days from our Cougar sports teams has all-but doused […]

In Need Of A Match

Hello Followers.  Hope you had a great week. Well, yesterday proved to be an interesting one for Cougar Nation.  First, we received news that  funding for our 60+ million football operations building was approved by the Board of Regents. Then, we heard that we've completed the internal investigations of our football program. And then last […]

Football Friday on a Thursday, Week 12 2012 Season

“Gotta keep the Devil, down in the hole…” Welcome to the 2nd to last week of Cougar football. We are heading to the desert to take on Sparky’s Devils who find themselves with their once promising season on the rocks. Tempe is a place where, historically, Cougar dreams have gone to die. This season our […]