Committee of One

Hello Cougar Nation!  Hope you are having a tremendous start to the holiday season. As for me, well, I’ve been feeling a bit overshadowed, if not overwhelmed as of late.  I mean, take a quick look around planet Coug, will you?? I mean, over at the Bohler complex, we have an AD who is being […]

Morning Notes

Hello Followers. Hope you’re having a great week. Well as the Khan works toward making his big announcement tomorrow (what that means, I have no idea), I thought I’d bide a bit of my time by providing you with a few choice notes to start your morning.  Click on the old jumperoo. Note #1:   In an exclusive […]

Hump Day With Huddy – Post Mortem Edition

Good morning and happy hump day, Cougs (and Red Raiders)! Last week in this space, I wrote the most quickly dated article in the history of dated articles when I lamented the Wulff firing and demanded a Mike Leach hiring mere hours before the latter actually happened and turned WSU Athletics upside down. I didn’t fully […]

Pirate on The Palouse

                                   As I sit on my laptop in Mayor Glenn Johnson’s Broadcast Management class, I can’t help but feel excited about the direction of WSU athletics.  I just returned from Leach’s well-publicized press conference in the CUB Senior Ballroom, where the atmosphere was electric (as far as press conferences go). Butch, the WSU marching […]

Leach Arrives, Finally

So today’s the day – we finally get a look at the new WSU coach, as the locals head to Pullman to take a look at none other than Mike Leach.  It seems like an eternity since early last week, when reports started to surface that 1) Wulff was out, and 2) Leach was candidate […]

Hot Tub Hot Seat (Final 2011 Edition)

Hello Followers.  Hope you had a great weekend. In case, you missed this morning’s post, LB put up a dandy which you can find here. As for me?  Well, now that the season is over and the BCS pairings have been formally announced, I found it high time to air this season’s final, final, stirring edition of Hot […]

Hoist the Colors

Well, that didn’t take long.  Your standard issue WSU flags now have a new friend, as you can see from today’s Gameday screen grabs via Will Walker! Best of all, a little Youtube clip to go with it.  Desmond Howard does have a question about Leach’s offense in the Pullman late fall weather, but it’s […]

Leaching the Pac-12

    Hello Cougar Nation! Hope you’ve had a great week. As for me, well, its been a tough one. As you all know, while I was not exactly a great fan of our former defensive coordinator (but I’d love for Ball to stay on as coach of the secondary), I was a HUGE fan […]

What the Leach Hire Means

  Happy Thursday Coug Fans! And indeed, a happy 24 hours it has been.  Because as Texas Tech is about to find out the hard way, one man’s treasure is another man’s plunder.  Yesterday, Bill Moos made probably the biggest splash in the history of Cougar athletics by agreeing to terms with one of the […]

Difficult Goodbye

If any of you had the privilege of taking Fine Arts 101 during your stay in Pullman, or were a FA Major, you likely know the name of the above Goya painting. Thanks to Pamela Lee an awesome instructor, and the WSU GER credits, I know what that painting is. For those of you who […]

Per Grippi: Leach to WSU

There’s tons of rumors out there today, from Steve Kelley to ESPN to other blogs, but we’ll leave it to the outgoing Vince Grippi to set things straight via Twitter: @vinceg55 Sources tell me WSU has made an offer to Mike Leach to be its next football coach. They expect him to accept. It’s close […]

Who Have We Become?

According to Dennis Green “We are NOT who we thought we were.” Yesterday Bill Moos stepped to the podium and did something unprecedented in Cougar history. He fired a coach whose team was improving. I don’t think I’ve made any secret of the fact that I am a big supporter of what Paul Wulff has […]

Hump Day With Huddy – Cougpocalypse Edition

I hope you know what you’re doing, pal. I do not know what to think. Not knowing what to say happens to me all the time (virtually anytime someone has lost a loved one or if there is a hot babe to whom I’m supposed to say something charming). I can finagle my way out […]

The Riddler

Hello Cougar Nation!  Hope you’re hanging in there. Not much time for me right now, but if you want to solve the hidden riddle from Bill Moos’ presser yesterday, then read on.   ***** Nation, Moos was so forthright yesterday, it was too easy for novices like Sutra to miss what was missing in yesterday’s presser.  […]

Splash Killers

Good morning, Followers.  Hope you all are doing great. Well, as we wait for Huddy’s Wednesday post, I thought I’d give you my two non-leading candidates for the WSU Coaching job, a group that I not-so-affectionately refer to as the “Splash Killers.” And here are the leading two: Splash Killer #1: (Heretofore Known As “Davey […]