Simply Wild

That was some shootout last night in Texas, huh?  Victory Bell can’t recall such an offensive performance, and it certainly was nothing like the last time a school from Washington took on Baylor down in San Antonio (WSU 10, Baylor 3, 1994 Alamo Bowl)….What is even more amazing is how that game absolutely played out […]

Breaking News: Grippi Semi-Retires from Spokesman to Pursue Hall of Fame

Spangle, WA (AP)- On a cold, crisp Wednesday morning at Liberty High School in Spangle, WA—a morning that reminded some of Barack Obama’s campaign announcement in Illinois four years prior—Vince Grippi stepped up to the microphone, his voice bellowing over the capacity crowd…. “Today,” said Grippi, “We stand before you to make the announcement we’ve all […]

Hump Day With Huddy – More Not So Quick Hits

“Bridgeport: The Simon to Huddy’s Garfunkel”  Good morning and happy hump day, Cougs! It’s the last hump day of 2011 and it’s been quite a year. For me personally, this week marks an anniversary of sorts. It was at this time a year ago that I was waiting to hear back from the Blogfathers as […]

It’s Been A While

Happy Tuesday Cougar Fans! It’s been a while since you heard from us, and for that we apologize. I’m not even sure that I have visited this site since last Wednesday, with all of the holiday hoopla and a long, four day weekend. But truly, what’s more important than spending time with your family during […]

This Leach Guy Can Recruit

Alex Jackson probably didn’t get tackled here. Hey, Cougs! It’s me, Huddy, again. It’s still Hump Day and I’ve got more to say! Don’t worry, though. There will be no caroling this time. If you happened to check out Cougfan today and it didn’t happen to destroy your hard drive, you’d have seen that Mike […]


Hump Day With Huddy – 12 Days of Cougsmas

Good morning and Happy Hump Day, Cougs! I hope that everyone is enjoying the holiday season so far. For my part, I’ve purchased exactly one Christmas present so far, but being that it’s only December 21st, that’s pretty much ahead of the game. Today figures to be a toy buying bonanza for my son and […]

The Pac 12 Gets One Auto Bid Right?

Well after Longball’s incredibly original Tebow’s yesterday, I have a tough act to follow. As a huge tailgating enthusiast, I have to admit that winning the 2011 award for Astounding Achievement in Tailgate Arts has been an amazingly humbling experience and I would like to thank the guild for giving me the award. Moving on. […]

So Long 2011, AKA, Year of the Tebow

Before we look forward to this, lets take a look back at 2011. Hello everyone and welcome to my final post of 2011. I will be traveling for the holidays, so I cannot promise I’ll be able to post again until after the New Year. With that in mind there is really nothing left to […]

Sunday Morning Missile – Spreading the Wealth Edition

Goooood MORNING COUG NATION!  Your old pal Victory Bell here, checking in on what’s up in and around the world of Coug. So I thought that picture with the “Reaganomics” on it was funny (yes, right-wingers, I’m sure it will make you angry but here’s some advice – LIGHTEN UP or BEAT IT!).  But not […]


Hump Day With Huddy – Hoops Preview Edition

Happy Hump Day, Cougar Nation! Due to LeachManiaLeachFest Leachapalooza 2011, a crappy showing at a crappy tournament and a woeful television deal, the basketball coverage on This Here Blog has been spottier than Crater Face Coburn’s face. It’s usually been something like, “Mike Leach is the greatest hire in the history of great hires and oh yeah we […]

What, Me Worry?

Hello Cougar Nation? Did you miss me last week? I missed you… After a cataclysmic (is that even a word?) incident while I was putting a Maker’s Mark fueled rant together on how much I dislike the direction of our basketball program under Ken Bone, I have returned to my usual Tuesday time slot. Actually, […]


We Can’t Wait to See You All!

By now I am sure you’ve all heard the great news, right? With this announcement by Bill Moos it is official… the Cougs are bringing the Air Raid to Utah twice next year. With a non-conference game at BYU September 1 and a later conference matchup with Utah, Amieable and I literally picked the greatest […]

Sunday Seance

Hello Followers.  Hope you’re having a great weekend. Today marks the return of coach Mike Leach to Pullman. And with his return comes the possibility of an announcement tomorrow regarding his coaching staff. Thus far, we know that his offensive coaching staff is basically complete.  What we don’t know is the status of his defensive […]

Is Mora Less?

Happy Saturday to you, Followers.  Hope your weekend is off to a fine start. In case you haven’t heard, late last night UCLA announced that Jim Mora, Jr. will be their next head football coach.  For some quick coffee time thoughts on the matter, read on. Followers, much has been made on this site about […]

The REAL DC Search

Hello Followers. Hope you’re having a great week. Well, in view of the Khan’s stunning (in the wrong way) announcement, I thought I’d put together my quick, dirty, and real short list of desireable defensive coordinators for WSU.  Read on. 1. Justin Wilcox.  One of the hottest young HEAD coaching prospects in the country, I know.  […]