WSU Thursday Roundup

Happy Thursday Cougs!  Hope you are well as you grind towards another weekend.  Just thought it would be a good idea to touch on a few things out there today, so here we go. So, how ’bout those PACKERS?!?  I know, not everyone is a fan of the green and gold.  I admit that I […]

Cougs on a Tuesday

So, congrats to Auburn, your 2010 National Champs!  Quite a finish to that game last night, after what was kind of a dud of a game for a while?  But the last few minutes were frantic, with Oregon getting it all tied up at 19-19 with the big 2-pt conversion, only to see Auburn break […]

11 for ’11 – a Look Ahead for WSU

So we looked back at 2010 a couple of days ago (check that out here).  But now that we have looked back, it’s time to look forward to a brand new year!  And with that, we’ll pose 11 questions for ’11, from a WSU point of view.  But first, I guess I should get this […]

10 for ’10 – Looking Back at WSU

So yeah, it’s almost New Year’s.  And as such, all the rage is to weigh in/belly up/etc with predictions for the upcoming year.  Don’t worry, we’ll get to that soon enough (later this week).  But for now, we thought it would be kind of cool to look back at the year that was, before we […]

WSU FB Blog Tryout #5, Interview With a Thompson

So we have finally come to the end of our open tryouts, as contestant #5, Jeffrey Grimm, weighs in.  Jeffrey is a die-hard Coug and a current communications major at WSU, and has made some good connections over his time in Pullman.  Today, he gives us an interview with Tony Thompson, former WSU tight end […]

WSU FB Blog Tryout #4, Abe Lodwick Style

Greetings Cougs, and a happy X-mas hangover to you and yours.  Here’s hoping that you had a wonderful holiday weekend and you are recovering from the draining events that can occur when alcohol and family get together.  So, tough go of it on X-mas day for our Cougs last night, wasn’t it?  I know Butler […]

WSU FB Blog Tryout #3, Recruiting Style

Next up in our ongoing quest for new talent around here, we have finalist #3, Tommy Simmons.  Tommy is a recent grad from WSU, 2008, with a degree in communications.  And with that, here is his entry, with an emphasis on recruiting.  Tommy, the floor is yours.   The Great Sankey Sweepstakes By: Tommy Simmons […]

Big Win In Hawaii

Big win for the Cougs over Baylor tonight! Up 20 midway through the second half, they withstood the Baylor shooting barrage and knocked off the #15 Bears, 77-71. After blowing the 20 point lead, and trailing by one inside of five minutes, most teams fold and lose that game.  And for the second time in […]

Baylor Preview (a.k.a. “I suck at CHARTS!”)

Happy Thursday morning to you, Followers. Hope you had a nice post-MSU victory rest. Don’t know about you all, but I am brimming with anticipation for tonight’s Nationally Televised showdown with the Baylor Bears! Wanna see why I think the Cougs are in for a tough go tonight (along with some REALLY BAD charts)? Well, […]

Dual Threat (and Treat!)

Hello Followers. Hope you are doing great. Well, today, our young Cougies fueled by a second half flurry by Faisel Aden, came back from a 40-39 1st half deficit and beat Mississippi State 83-57. Want to check out my five key takeways from the game? (then read on) In case you all misssed the game, […]

WSU FB Blog Tryout #2, Hoops Style

So with our second “finalist” for joining our team, we have Jason Crigger.  Jason is a long-time Coug who graduated from WSU with a degree in sports journalism, and definitely has a lot of passion for the Cougs!  Jason’s entry focuses in on the hoops team, after their OT win at Santa Clara.  With that, […]

A Coug Manifesto

Greetings Cougs.  Here’s hoping your week is off to a great start, as we barrel down the stretch towards a holiday weekend. Remember last week, when we said we wanted to have tryouts for adding some new writers?  Well, we have to say that we have been, quite frankly, overwhelmed at the response thus far.  […]

Cheez and Rice

Hello Followers. Hope you’ve had a great pre-Christmas weekend. Well tonight, our Cougies snuck out an 85-79 overtime win tonight against the mighty Steve Nashes. And in the process, I aged about 140 years. So, in case you missed the game via Santa Clara’s dynamite feed, here are few bits: 1) We were flat as […]

2010 Apple Cup Highlights, The Sequel

Alrighty then, let’s try this again.  NOW we’ve got the in-game highlights of the 2010 Apple Cup, ripped for your pleasure!  Now obviously we’re a WSU blog, so, no, there won’t be any UW highlights here.  At least not any “good” UW highlights, if you follow me?  Yeah, they won the game fair and square, […]

2010 Apple Cup Highlights….Kinda

So yeah, I know I promised you Apple Cup highlights today.  And that’s true….kinda.  Due to some difficulties last night that are now straightened out I might add, unfortunately I do NOT have the full game highlights.  But don’t worry, those are coming!  Probably tomorrow or Sunday I will have about 15 minutes worth of […]