Greetings Cougar Nation. Hope you’re having a happy hump day. Yesterday, we had a couple of comments related to my main man, Kyle Weaver. So, given that I’ve had the opportunity of watching him over the past couple of weeks, I thought I’d give an update. But before we get to Mr. Weaver’s play, it’s […]

Tuesdays With Moron

Welcome to Tuesday, and a new feature around here – Tuesday’s With Moron. Basically a dot-dot-dot type ramblings, with a look around at things not necessarily WSU Football-Related. We need to step outside the box now and then, and it’s the off-season, so, what the hell. Leading off…..A-Rod, seriously? Why? Ok, you are an A-class […]

Breaking News – Michalczik OUT at UW

Hey, Paul Wulff and WSU nation can now re-embrace one of our own. That’s right, Jim Michalczik, the recently hired UW offensive coordinator/offensive line coach, has now LEFT Montlake! KJR just broke the story. Michalczik is headed to work with Tom Cable as the offensive coordinator for the NFL’s Oakland Raiders. Congrats…..and welcome back to […]

Onto 2010-2011

Happy Monday to you Cougar Nation. Hope your week is off to a good start. Well, in case any of you caught Saturday’s game against the Bears, you saw what I thought was the toughest loss we’ve experienced in a long, long time. For me it was among the hardest because, for the first time […]

Too Little, Too Late, Too Slow, Too Low?

Greetings, Cougar Nation. Hope you all are having a great start to a GREAT STINKING SIGNING WEEKEND. Well, tonight our lads face the season’s toughest test. Because let’s face it, nothing is more difficult than playing for your season. Especially when the other team is not.You know, some say that a picture is worth a […]

Paul Wulff ’09 Football Dinner Recap

A HUGE thanks to our good friend Kaddy, who was able to step up and attend the football dinner in Shelton on Thursday night. As you will see, there were a lot of good things to take from this evening, and it sounds like it went off better than expected. Once again, a great event […]

Wulff to Speak on the KJR Airwaves

Conveniently ignoring the hoops loss last night, hey, lookie here – Paul Wullf will hop on the KJR airwaves with Ian Furness today at 2 PM to talk recruiting, the team heading into spring ball and for next year, etc. He’s over here on the west side for the Seattle football dinner this evening, so […]


Happy post-signing day to you Cougar Nation. Well, now that we know that Coach Paul weathered the storm of last year, we can focus on trying to keep our streak of NCAA tournaments alive for one more year. And, like I noted earlier in the week, I believe that our fortunes lie principally in this […]

Signing Party Recap, Plus Links

Another signing day in the books. A success for the most part. If you ask Scout, we finished 45th overall. But don’t ask 92nd!? That’s a pretty incredible difference of opinion. Like one of the stories said yesterday, someone is going to be REALLY off once things play out here. We had a live […]

Four to Score

Greetings Cougar Nation! Hope you are having a great start to your week. Well, right before the UCLA game, we posted right here on this blog that, in order for us to sniff the NCAA tourney, we would have to go 3-3 over our next six. Today, we stand four games into that stretch with […]

Pre-Signing Day Notes

First off, congrats to the Pittsburgh Steelers! Six Super Bowls, a record no other team can match, moving past Dallas and San Francisco for most all-time Lombardi Trophies. Schools in Pittsburgh were two hours late yesterday to help people recover from yet another championship. So, congrats (that’s for you Chris ’04). Speaking of championships, while […]

Super Sunday or, EH?; Best of Lists Continue

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Ready to watch Pittsburgh and Arizona settle things on the field? And as a Seahawks fan, this is a tough one, and a question that has been sportstalk-fodder the last two weeks – who do YOU root for today? Do you root for your divisional rival in Arizona, a team that […]

Looking Forward

So here we are, the end of the year. As the Onion reported, Baby New Year 2008 has been abandoned in the street. It’s over. And, as is customary, this is the time where you see all sorts of year-end wrap-ups in every corner of the country, for pretty much everything. But we thought why […]

Simone Edges Markle for “Must Have” of 2008

The poll closed several days ago, but we thought it would be a good idea to acknowledge it – Gino Simone has won out in the “must have” category for this year’s class. Simone received 66 votes, compared to 64 for Darren Markle. Good timing too, with Simone’s re-affirming his pledge to go Crimson over […]

Wulff Throwing Strikes with Recruiting Pitch?

First off, happy holidays to y’all. Hope you are safe and warm, and were able to spend some quality time with the loved ones. We’re finally getting some melting snow around here, and the roads are getting better by the day. Snow is nice to look at, but I think I speak for all western […]