Pick Em

Happy Saturday, Cougar Nation. Hope the week has been good to you. Well, today’s line against the Sun Devils is even. And that can mean only one thing: Pick em. For BH, that’s an easy thing to do.After blazing the trails of prognostication last year, I have achieved below mortal status during this basketball season. […]


Happy Friday, Cougar Nation. How about them Cougars? Well, given that our boys are about half-way to accomplishing the impossible, I thought I’d fire off a quick DREAM scenario for how we can get back to the NCAAs: A) Win out in the regular season (Duh!)B) Both Oregon State (to Quack) and USC (to Stanford) […]

So Sweet

To have the big black bird in your mouth. Only caught one minute of the game–the last minute.. So share your thoughts about what happened tonight. You can sure tell that we’re starting to feel it. Congrats Cougs!

Go To Vegas

Happy Thursday to you, Cougar Nation. Hope you’re having a good week. This morning I opened up the old fishwrap to find that our Cougies are listed as a two-point favorite for tonight’s tilt against the Mildcats. So with that line in mind, its time to go to Vegas. You know, I don’t have the […]

Tuedays with the REAL Moron (BH)

How you doin’ Cougar Nation? Hope you’re having a great start to your week. Well, after being accustomed to the great rantings of Uncle Sedihwak each Tuesday, homeboy had to go fire up a three day set of all day meetings in the A-T-L. So, I’m pinch hitting for him this week. That said, because […]

If I Had A Wish–YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update 2:01pm: Congratulations Seniors!! Taylor is the hero of heros and the kids played great. THIS win epitomizes why its great to be a Cougar! It would be to beat UCLA today. Greetings Cougar Nation, I hope that your weekend is off to a good start! Don’t know about you all, but BH thinks that […]

The Taj Mahal

Good loss tonight, if we can actually refer to a loss as good. The Cougs rallied back from a 15 point second half deficit in spite of the worst game ever played by Klay Thompson. Simply put our boy was AWFUL at both ends of the floor. And in case you missed it, T-Bone laid […]

Go Crazy

It’s breaking everywhere, and thanks to “Soze” in comments for the heads-up. I think the M’s just upped their bottom line for this year, don’t you? They will come in droves to see the Kid in an M’s uni, one more time. As the story says, the M’s are expecting 200,000 MORE people to […]

Longball’s View from the Cheap Seats

Hello Cougar Nation, Are your ears still ringing from final nail being hammered in the Cougar’s post-season coffin? Well I am back with my take from way up in the cheap seats to help you put it all in perspective and in that great Cougar tradition… Look forward to NEXT year. First of all, what […]

Tuesdays With Moron

Welcome to another week of mindless ramblings, otherwise known as Tuesdays With Moron. Last week went pretty well, so, we thought we’d try this again. So let’s see what’s up. So how ’bout that UW? Now that EWU has officially been slapped with probation, did you know that UW coaches have started trolling for some […]

Wulff Backtracks on EWU Criticism?

“I didn’t really say everything I said.” — Yogi Berra I know a few eyebrows were raised when Wulff gave his response to the NCAA sanctions upon his return from Hawaii. The gist was basically that Wulff made it sound, at the very least, that the culture was more to blame than the coach himself….but […]

The End

Terrible, Terrible, Gut-Wrenching Loss Tonight to the Beavs. We can say what we want about the many positive attributes of this team–inlcuding the fact that we have several really good Pac-10 basketball players. But ultimately, this group doesn’t have any winners in the bunch with the exception of Thompson. Meanwhile, the weight of seasons past […]

Goodbye Gary, Plus Other Stuff

UPDATE: AD Jim Sterk will be on with KJR’s Ian Furness this afternoon between 1 – 3 PM. Just to go KJR’s website and click listen live, and you should be able to catch it. Not sure of the exact time (sometime later in the 1 PM hour?). In a story we all pretty much […]

Not Quite St. Paul….

But not that bad either, is it? Reaction has rolled in from all parts of the media/blogosphere. Everyone has their takes. I thought Jim Moore nailed it pretty good at the P-I. And reading through some of your comments, you obviously have an opinion on the violations. GREAT takes yesterday by the way. Some clearly […]

Breaking News: Wulff Committed Violations at EWU

UPDATE: Press release is out at official WSU site. Check it out here. Thanks to Chris ’04 for the tip in comments…but KREM is breaking a story that coach Wulff committed several violations while at EWU. Among the violations: The violations cited by the NCAA committee include “impermissible participation by ineligible student-athletes in practice activities, […]