No Stepping Stone

Well, I hope that you all had the opportunity to check out the Spokesman today and Nick’s slew of videos of the press conference. If you want a quick summary in picture form, here it is: (THAT MEANS BRACE YOURSELF ATL_GLENN) You know, I have some members of family who are die-hard Buckeye fans who […]

Who’s Coming With Me?

While Wulff hits the recruiting trail, and he was out there last night and will burn it up until Sunday along with some of the assistants before the “dead period” starts Sunday, the logical question now is who’s going to be on the staff? There is a lot of speculation being thrown around right now, […]

Our Answer at QB in ’08

I want to be the first to request Coach Wulff also bring his QB, Matt Nichols with him to Pullman. I had the chance to see him in person this year and came away very impressed. He was Big Sky POY and probably would have got some looks as national POY with a more reliable […]

Wulff Brings What We Need

So the story is out there and reality is setting in. Paul Wulff is the new head coach. There are a lot of pros, and some cons as well, and that’s to be expected for a guy without a successful D-1 resume. But is that overrated? Does it matter if a guy is coming to […]

BROKEN NEWS: Wulff is the MAN!!

Just as reported (well, sort of) earlier today, the Wulfman cometh!!!!!! Congrats to Coach Paul who has a great, but exciting challenge on his hands. May we all remember the day that this great leader of men came into all of our lives! Anyhow, what is NOT “broken news” was the reason why were late […]

Bank On It

Stay tuned for breaking news that appears eminent according to the Brinkhater army. Here’s your next coach (That means, for McMunnyman, you can stop reading.) In the meantime, know that the Wulfman commeth. We’ll add “Breaking News” to the header when we get confirmation from Cletis who is currently on locaton at the Sports Page.


Happy Monday, Cougar Nation. No fancy (or funny!) pics to this post. Hell, there aren’t even any pictures. But, as Sedihawk reported earlier on Sunday, the Price ain’t right. And so ends an era of Cougar football. One can certainly argue that the Price era ended when he left, but that would be dismissing the […]

Price Bows Out

The Price is wrong b*tch. From the following video link, old friend Mike Price has officially withdrawn his name from consideration for the head job at WSU. The Seattle Times has the story here. Surprised? Actually, no. Based on some things we have heard recently, it sounded like Price was further down the list than […]

UPDATE – Kevin Sumlin Interviewed today; So Who’s REALLY on the List?

Updated 12/7/07, 2:30 PM – As reported by the Spokesman, Oklahoma assistant Kevin Sumlin has interviewed today for the job. So the ball is officially rolling. John L will get an audience, we know that. But what about Wulff?? At this point, I wouldn’t even doubt that these guys were contacted by Moos. I don’t […]


“I GOT A FEVER AND I NEED MORE COWGILL!!!!!” Another Gutty victory for our Top 10 team. Man are these kids gutty. Man do I LOVE watching them play the game. Couple late-night hits: Gonzaga has a chance to be really, really good by the end of this year. That Daye kid is really going […]

Sour Apples

Greetings fellow Cougies – long time, no blog. My absence from the blog over the last several weeks has been due in part to a long list of super-important bullshit. Lots going on in the McBoob household this fall. As many of you know, I helped coach Mini McBoob’s Pop Warner Tiny Mite team this […]

Okay, Seriously

Sorry if I got some of you bent out of shape from the previous post. It seemed like we were reaching a point where some levity was in order. Couple of quick hits: First of all, IF REAL NEWS BREAKS ON THIS DEAL, then you will see on our header BREAKING NEWS. That’s where you […]


Yes, Cougar Nation. Sources close to the Brinkhater Army have informed the WSU Football Blog staff that a new head coach has been selected. An official announcement (regarding the announcement) will be made following the return of Jim Sterk from New York City. According to our source heretofore known as “Deepest Throat” (DT) the finalists […]

Wulff Wants In; Ty-tanic Taking on Too Much Water?

Now that EWU’s season is in the books, and hats off to one hell of an effort against App State, Paul Wulff can finally comment on WSU. And guess what?? He wants the job! Wow. Never saw that coming. Seriously, though, Wulff does want the job and said so yesterday. And as a Cougar fan […]