Should we just shut it down?

I know it’s been kind of fun with the blog this year, it really has, but I’m thinking maybe it’s time to give it a rest. My membership to Cougfan just expired, and I’m sitting here thinking “do I really want to pay $89.99 for access to “premium” articles? I mean it’s nice and all […]

Carolina @ Seattle, NFC Championship

Better clear off your calendar on Sundays deep into January…..and maybe even the first Sunday in February. I witnessed a franchise turning a major corner yesterday in so many ways, I won’t even over-analyze it. There’s plenty of columns out there today, from Thiel to Kelley, that do it justice. If you saw that game, […]

To Go 0-8….

Here is my first and final prediction regarding this weekend’s Apple Cup. And to tip my hand, here is the leading question: Has there ever been a better last place team in Pac-10 history than this season’s squad? My answer is a resounding “no.” When you look at it from the other point of view, […]

Fire Weiss

I can’t muster any energy to care about the NBA right now, but man, the Sonics are brutal. They are getting run out of the gym again tonight. They have no flow, no rhythm, and the honeymoon for this group from last year is long over. Nothing like calling for the head of the main […]

Doba taking criticism from local columnist?

Interesting that the King County Journal would choose to write about Doba? Seems pretty far removed from what’s going on, but it’s about time someone called out Doba and what’s going on over there. Greg Johns is an excellent columnist, and a few years ago had a lot of positives for the Cougs while he […]

Pac-10 football revenue figures released from last year

It isn’t pretty – from the bottom on up (in millions): Wash St 9.90Stanford 9.92Berkeley 12.5Arizona 14.6Oregon 16Ariz St. 17.8U C L A 18.4O S U 22Wash. 27.1U S C 29.2 The truth hurts. First all, I don’t think we should hold our breath for Doba to be canned. Not that we’re calling for it, […]

Rooster’s Review

There were a lot of bright spots this weekend. Brink’s performance wasn’t as rosy as Millen’s “connections” say but it was good. The interception he threw right before halftime was STUPID. There were 3 defenders there and it was the definition of “ILL-ADVISED”. I don’t remember Hill dropping any passes (which doesn’t mean he didn’t) […]

Money in the Bank

“The sun will come out, tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that…..” Put it in the bank, boys, Brinkhater is not predicting, he is INFORMING the Cougar nation that the six game losing streak ends this weekend with a veritable 38-29 POUNDING (it won’t be that close) of the Quack attack. Why the reason for this […]

Big Snacks already done in NYC? Plus other stuff

This from Newsday: Two games into a five-year, $29-million contract is a bit early to call someone a bust. But Jerome James is doing his best — or worst — to earn such a label. The Knicks’ backup center hasn’t endeared himself to coach Larry Brown. He was overweight in training camp and has been […]

Worst defense in the Doba era?

I write this with 10 minutes left in the SECOND quarter…and ASU nearly has over 300 yards of total offense. Think about that for a minute – ASU, with a frosh QB making his first road start, in 40-degree weather, has 300 YARDS OF TOTAL OFFENSE in the second quarter. I will have to go […]

Doba on the QB’s

This from Glenn’s Spokesman blog says it all doesn’t it? “People want to make a (QB) switch just for the sake of switching,” he said. “But come in Sunday morning and grade the film. Come to practice every day. Come to the quarterback meetings. And then tell me who should start.” Or how about this? […]


“In hindsight, we probably should have thrown the hitch 20 times,” Doba said. “Just keep hammering away. Because they were giving us 10 yards every time.”Its quotes like this that really make a man question what the hell is going on in Cougarville. USC was were “giving us 10 yards every time?” Wrong. They were […]

Onward Brinkhater Nation

The nation is building, check out the response to Brinkhater in Glenn’s blog: In terms of the rest of the “season,” can we just spare the rhetoric about becoming bowl eligible? This team is NOT good enough to win all three remaining games. So the question that remains is “what needs to be done to […]

Happy Halloween ‘n stuff

USC’s ass-kicking paid off, as they are the new BCS #1. I guess as Doba said, maybe the computer watched film this week? “Pedal to the metal” was my phrase for that game, and it sure was that way from kickoff to kneel-down. I can’t believe how much better they were than our Cougs, but […]


Is it the Friday before the crucifixion? Or the Friday before the resurrection? Time will tell…. The picks: USC 48 WSU 28. I have a hard time believing that our offense is going to score less than 28 points. I also would be SERIOUSLY thinking upset if it wasn’t for our horrible defense and special […]