Spicy 4-star WR to Cougs; 04 USC rolls 91 UW

Charles Dillon, Coug commit before but failed to qualify, has re-upped with the Cougs, giving a verbal. A REALLY nice get, as we continue to land potential impact WR’s that can get on the field immediately. Dillon has prototype Pac-10 size (6-1, 190) and speed (4.5) and the Cougs beat out several schools, including Arizona, […]

Cougs sign some JC’s early; 91 UW THAT good??

First, Cougs landed a couple of impact JC’s for next year at the early signing period for JC’s. A BIG WR (as in 6-6 big) named Finas Rabb, who has only played football for a couple of years but can jump out of the gym and has soft hands. Might be a nice jump-ball candidate […]

Mike Sando knows how to cover the Hawks

Nice to see him get some national stories. And you know what? He’s right. I love being this snake in the grass. The hand up Mona Lisa’s skirt. Never let ‘em see you coming, and then when they win the NFC and go to the Super Bowl, 99% of the country will be going […]

The Puppy Legacy Crumbles?

Don’t know if you guys have caught the hypothetical match-up between this year’s Trojan army against the Dawg’s national championship team of 1991…In short sum, 78% of ESPN readers gave the nod to Troy while Herbstreit and Mark May said that the game “wouldn’t be close.” Not that I want to give the Puppies any […]

What up fellas?

First of all, real life – The move is over! Everything went well, although I couldn’t physically function for two days afterwards. Diane and I moved the whole frickin’ thing, over Friday and Saturday, and we’re in the new digs. It’s a great change too. Much more space, brand new construction, the whole 9. Just […]

Spurning the Rainbow?

Could it be that in the midst of a thrilling b-ball victory last night, that the U-Dub has actually hit a new low with regard to their football program? Don’t know if you all caught the link last week, but Washington just announced that it CANCELLED its scheduled match-up next year at Hawaii. Why? Apperantly, […]

Dynasty Per Haps

B-11 Title Game: Reardan wraps up triple crownBy Craig SmithSeattle Times staff reporterTACOMA — In a high-suspense game that wasn’t decided until the final play, Reardan held off DeSales 14-10 to win the Class B-11 football championship Saturday.The win gave Reardan (11-1) its third title in the past four years and made top-ranked DeSales (12-2) […]

The day Qwest Field arrived

REALLY good, quick read on how BANANAS it was at Qwest on Sunday: I spoke to a friend of mine in the office who is about my age. He and his family have been Seahawks and UW fans since he was a baby, and he’s been going to games his whole life. He told […]

Juicy Stuff

First of all, THANK GOD I can back out of the driveway for another year without seeing my wife’s f’ing Husky colors on the mailbox. There were other rewards from this years bet, but this is a family blog. Let’s just say that the Husky was well trained and did what it was told. I […]

Paradigm Shift

We saw the beginning of the change in philosophy against Texas in the Holiday Bowl. We lost it a bit last year, and this year, well, we were inbetween. The bottom line in this season is that we FINALLY made the transition from wide open Price ball to a much more conservative ground oriented attack […]

4-7 sure feels good right now

First of all, the winning TD? That was the exact – and I mean the EXACT – same play we lost the 2002 AC! If you remember, the play was a bubble-screen to the slot man, Jerome Riley. Kegel took 3 steps and waited a count too long to throw the ball. When he finally […]

Media bias, continued – plus pick

I probably overreacted yesterday, but when you remove yourself personally and just look at it, it’s natural to see coverage slanted towards the cash cow on Montlake. I mean you think about it, who is their audience? It’s only natural to think that, even subconsciously, they are going to slant their coverage towards their subscription […]

Media UW influence trying to squash WSU stadium talk?

Ok, this is kind of weird. As you probably have figured out, not only is the media coverage pro-UW around here, it’s particularly bad in the local rags. I keep the News Tribune out of this, it’s an excellent sports page that’s very fair, but the Times and especially the P-I is nothing but cheerleading. […]

non-Coug stuff on Shaun Alexander

I read this on – makes you realize that they really, REALLY need to re-sign him. With his three scores on Sunday, Alexander became the first player — not just running back, but player — in the history of the sport to score 15 touchdowns in a season for five straight seasons. Think about […]

Good thoughts

First, good stuff on keeping this thing going. I agree, let’s keep it rolling. I’ve tailed off on new posts, probably because this season turned into one huge bad joke. Plus I’ve been busy with this thing called WORK. Anyway, all I can say? I never dreamed, walking out of the Grambling game, when we […]