More Jonathan Stewart from Friday night….

Found this on a message board regarding Jonathan Stewart: Last night against cross-town rival North Thurston:29 carries for 201 yards in a 26-24 win. After the game Stewart was interviewed on KJR’s high school sports show, during which he listed his current top five in this order: Washington State Cal Oregon Ohio State Tennessee On-air […]

Coug game NOT really on TV? Stoops on Swogger; ESPN Insider on Derting;

First, the bad news – KXLY in Spokane is this afternoon reporting that the Cougs will NOT be on TV next week. Turns out there is a very obscure Pac-10 rule that actually allows a visiting team to VETO the home team from changing the originally scheduled start time, TV or no TV! Belotti clearly […]

Comments DO work

Hey, I think the comments are a little inconsistent as far as WHEN they show up, but I think eventually they do. I’ve had trouble at times getting a new post added to the site. It must be a traffic issue, something like that? I’m not really sure exactly. Anyway, your picks are in! […]

10/1 News-n-notes

Spokesman review has a story about the long list of injuries and what the forecast is for the next few games: Also, FoxSports announced last night that it was picking up the Oregon-WSU game. Originally the game was scheduled to be a No-TV, 2PM kickoff, but it has now been moved to 7 PM. […]

Recruiting and Jonathon Stewart – WOW

NOTE – word has it Dontrell Moore is healthy and will start tonight vs. Utah, so I’ve changed my pick in that game – NM 24, Utah 23. Since we are in the bye week, thought I’d put a little info out there regarding recruiting. Jonathon Stewart – Man among boys is the way I […]

This week’s picks

CAL @ OSU As tempting as it is to pick the Beavs in an upset, I don’t see it. Cal hasn’t played in weeks so they have faded from memory, but let’s not forget these guys are LOADED. OSU beat Cal @ Cal last year, with Aaron Rodgers worst game of his career. Don’t expect […]

9/28 coaches show recap

I’m battling food poisoning right now, not much fun as you can imagine. Hopefully today is the last of it. Let’s just say I lost a lot of weight last night, so I’m on the road to recovery. Coaches show recap from last night: Doba said he was pleased with his coaching staff and their […]

9/25 Weekly pick recap

Well, I went a perfect 5-0 from the pick-em, while Lawson came in at 4-1. Here’s where we are this season: Sean – 9-1 Lawson – 9-1 (you are really 9-2 but you picked one more game than me, so we won’t count that). Last week’s picks: Sean: Notre Dame WSU USC Oregon ASU Lawson: […]

Swogger and Hill from Saturday

Interesting part of a story from yesterday’s News Tribune: Quarterbacks coach Timm Rosenbach was impressed that Swogger was able to lead the team back and shake off a sloppy game that saw WSU fumble five times. “He grew up a little bit,” Rosenbach said. “He’s got confidence in himself and he demonstrated that today. There […]


Ok, I admit it – I gave up. Much like I’m sure a lot of Cougar nation. Thank god Akey and more importantly, that defense NEVER gave up. 1:15 to go, only 1 timeout, first down for the Mildcats?? Take a knee, force the Cougs to use their last t.o., and kick the ball back […]

Stadium expansion details slowly surfacing….

Found this today: Here’s an external, elevated look of what the stadium will look like, post-renovation. It’s not real impressive as a picture, though, hard to really see any good details, other than it’ll be an actual bowl: Compared to a model of what things look like today, you can see it’s a step […]

Hmmm, maybe I am too close to look at it correctly?

Interesting breakdown on the Arizona game, via Here’s where the Pac-10 season really starts to take off. There’s one in-league game that’s basically a pick’em (Washington State @ Arizona), and two that the favorites ought to win by decent margins. Out of league, Oregon had better beat up Idaho if they want to have […]

Football Friday 9/24 edition

Excellent points in your comments, Mikey. Once again, well put. Ah, the memories of Football Friday! Here are my picks for this week, then I’ll expand what I think happens tomorrow in our game: UW @ Notre Dame I have no real reason to say this, but I have a strange feeling that UW is […]

9/21 coaches show recap

Interesting stuff: Bob: asked about Swogger Doba: Practiced some today. Knee has not swollen, partial tear of the PCL, says he’s doing fine, was fitted for a custom brace Monday which won’t be here till Thursday, it’s a game time decision, Bob: asked how he got hurt Doba: He fell on his knee, got tackled […]

9/21 weekly press release As the picture on the main site reads, “Josh Swogger will lead the Cougs against Arizona in the Pac-10 opener” pretty much salts it away who the starting QB is going to be? Interesting thing to note – of WSU’s complete 2-deep roster, 44 players, 36 of them are underclassmen! Only 8 seniors on […]