Well put, Mikey…

Well put indeed. Maybe you’re right, and I’m over-estimating what Willingham can do. I was more thinking along the lines of: 1) african-american head man 2) god-loving(that seems like it’s meaning more and more these days as our country divides blue and red!?!?) 3) Intelligent individual with a tremendous track record of graduation and lack […]

Cougs land SUPERSTAR plus other rumblings

Good news – bad news. First, with holiday cheer, the Cougs got a coveted superstar! No, not THAT superstar – more on him later – but they did get maybe their best recruit from last year back for this year as he has posted a successful SAT score. He will challenge, if not start, at […]


Not WSU-football related, but are you kidding me? The M’s just spent $114 MILLION dollars in two days to land two of the biggest free-agent hitters to hit the market in some time. Unbelievable. Congrats M’s, I will see you at the Safe this summer!

Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting…..

First, the big fish that verballed today – a 4-star defensive tackle from San Diego, rated the #20 defensive tackle in America. Vaunted run-stuffing, 6-0, 290 lb samoan named Fevaea’i Ahmu (sounds like it’s spelled?!?). Here’s some info: This one is huge. Literally. It’s also a cause for celebration, jumping up and down would not […]

Post Cup Stuff

So, WHAT A WIN. I know, they are 1-10, we’re 5-6 and lifting weights for the bowl season, but you know what?? It felt AMAZING to run on that field. As Doba said after the game, don’t let ANYONE say this game doesn’t mean anything, because it means a hell of a lot! I told […]

Lawson picking UW??

Lawson: “this weekend: I still think the Dawgs win this one..why? because we can’t score if we don’t get six (our kicking game is HORRIBLE!) and I have ZERO confidence in Brink and ZERO confidence in our pass defense….So, the way I see it is that Harrison gets 175…we will rack up 500 yards of […]

New hope for J-Stew??? Plus other notes

Found this today via the “members only” message board from a certain WSU site I joined. Take this with a HUGE grain of salt, as the same guy also thought Stewart was ready to commit to WSU on his visit, yet he didn’t. However I do believe this guy, as he has forecasted some Stewart […]

No Snoop….at least not yet?

Since the season is a disaster and we’ll probably lose out, I thought I’d focus on recruiting right now……. Well, Jonathan Stewart did NOT commit to WSU. It was widely rumored that he would give Bill Doba his pledge on Saturday night at dinner at Doba’s home, but he did not. Stewart is very tight-lipped […]

Recruiting rumors?

I have heard from a couple of people now, we’ll call them “sources”, that say Stewart is very serious now about becoming a Coug. Needless to say this weekend is gigantic with the official visit. There is even another rumor making the rounds today that not only does Stewart lean towards WSU, but another all-state […]

Recruiting and other updates galore

Found some good inside info on many players committed to WSU or thinking about it (yes, I broke down and bought an “inside” account for this stuff). First, the big fish – Jonathon “SNOOP” Stewart. He now has received full scholarship offers from Ohio State, Florida and Tennessee, on top of everyone else on the […]

Did that REALLY just happen???

Is this some sort of dream, or did the RedSox really come back from a 3-0 deficit, including a 19-8 humiliation at Fenway Park in Game 3?? WOW. We just saw the greatest comeback in the history of sports. AMAZING. Nice to see former M’s carrying the load too (Derek Lowe, 6 IP, 1 HIT, […]


Breaking news, via the Spokesman-Review: WSU’s Swogger out for the year PULLMAN — Washington State quarterback Josh Swogger has a broken bone in his left foot that will require surgery, ending the sophomore’s 2004 season prematurely. X-rays and a CT scan taken Sunday night revealed a fracture in the navicular, a bone on the inside […]

10/14 News-n-notes

Nice to see that the Stanford game has been picked for national TV. Here’s this week’s release: Good story today from the Times that talked about how much better the O-line has been playing. Just 1 sack in the last 3 games?? Wow. Although, Swogger is a big part of that, in that yes, […]

10/9 picks

I know it’s late in the week, but it’s FOOTBALL FRIDAY! Lawson blew me out on the picks last week. I nailed the Auburn game but pretty much missed everything else. I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but I’ll post the overall standings on Monday after this weekend’s action. Here are the […]

Oregon game -n- stuff

First things first – let’s not forget last year, shall we??? Now on to business – Here’s this week’s press release: Oregon 10/9 release Some interesting things to note: 1) Both Bienemenn and Boyd are listed as injured. Jesse Taylor is the starter at TE. Sounds like Bienemenn is going to be a game-time decision, […]