Hump Day With Huddy – It’s Here

Good morning and happy hump day, Cougar Nation! It’s been a long damn time so let’s first get ourselves reacquainted. I’m that guy who writes that stuff on that website that you all know and love. A lot has happened since last we spoke, but let’s focus on the highlights. First, I became a soccer […]

Mark Rypien’s Big Break

Good morning and Happy Hump Day, Cougs! We're going to step away from your usual 2013 Cougar Football coverage today to check in on the goings-on of former Shadle Park, Wazzu and Washington Redskin legend, Mark Rypien, as he competes in another sport he's pretty darn good at. He's competing on "Big Break: NFL" which […]

Know Thine Enemy

Good afternoon and Happy Hump Day Cougs! In a few short days, there is an actual game with an actual opponent. Holy crap! I'm sure many of you have studied up on our opponent on Saturday, but in case you haven't yet broken down film on the Auburn Tigers, I've enlisted the help of a […]


Good morning and happy Friday, Cougs! I don't know if you heard, but one week from tomorrow is the first Cougar Football Saturday of 2013. Around the Huddy household, my dad started a tradition of welcoming football season (or eventually any time a game was on) by yelling, "FOOBAAAALLLLL!!!!" at volumes unnecessary for the living […]

Cougs! Beavers! You’re Welcome, America

Happy Hump Day evening, Cougar Nation! I've interrupted a pretty intense game of FIFA 13 to tune into Cougar hoops for the first time in what feels like weeks. I'm thinking this is because it's been weeks. It's good to be back. Really, I'm happy to be watching anything at all. My tv died over […]

Basketball Update

If a Bone falls in the Galen Center and nobody is there to see it, did it actually happen? Apparently it did. I'm somewhat ashamed to say I've seen literally 0 minutes of any of the last three Cougar basketball games. Some of this involves a new special lady with DirectTV, but honestly I don't […]


National Fax Machine Day!

Good morning, Cougs and welcome to Signing Day 2013! As it's Hump Day, I had to at least chime in to say hello, but by some unfortunate series of events, I ended up being scheduled with an all day meeting on one of my favorite days of the year (at least the college football year). […]

More Commits, More Pumped

Good morning and happy Friday, Cougs! We're just a couple weeks away from National Signing Day and Mike Leach and his crew are working on the finishing touches for the recruiting class of 2013. Wazzu has received a couple more commitments since my last look at the class. I was hoping there would be several […]

Victory! Victory! That’s Our Cry!

"My name is Mike Ladd and last night, I was on fi-ah!!" Here's a fun fact about blogging: It's hard to work on a game recap when you are under the weather and a little sleep deprived and you fall asleep during a portion of the game you intend to recap. My need to nap […]

Conference Schadenfreude!

After a will they or won't they that would make Ross and Rachel tell them to just get on with it already, the Philadelphia Eagles have hired soon-to-be former Oregon coach Chip Kelly as their new head coach (according to every website on the internet). While we get to take a little enjoyment at the […]

Polite Crowd Rattles Cougs

Maples was rocking tonight. For a time tonight, I had visions in my head of writing about a road win and about conference parity and about how maybe this team could somehow scratch out a mediocre conference season. A very late 14-0 Stanford run dashed those hopes and with about two minutes left, I pulled […]

It’s Baaaaaaack

Good morning and Happy Hump Day, Cougs! We're still a long way away from National Signing Day and finding out exactly who the next great Cougars will be from the 2013 recruiting class. That said, I've already fully made the switch to, "As it pertains to Cougar Football, basically all I think about is recruiting" […]

Sorry, Long Lost Cousin Allen

"The Other Huddy" Good afternoon and Happy Monday Cougs!  A basketball game happened yesterday and the Cougs won it 59-50. Hooray! Everything that was awesome about Wednesday's game against Gonzaga (National TV, packed house, raucous crowd, exciting, well-played game against a top 10 opponent), yesterday's game against Fresno State wasn't. It was a sleepy, sloppy […]

Kelly Olynyk?!

Anyone else want to MmmBop Kelly Olynyk in the face this morning? Good morning and Happy Thursday, Cougs! Some game last night, huh? In case you missed it (or also missed Sean's morning post), the Cougar men's hoopers fell to 10th ranked (!) Gonzaga lastnight 71-69 in front of a rowdy crowd at Beasley Coliseum. […]

A Sinner in the Hands of Angry Football Gods

To: The Football Gods C/O The Pac-12 Conference and NCAA Re: Mercy Hey, Football Gods. It's me, Huddy. I know that this is a busy time of year for you, what with your reign over the Bowl Championship Series and determining which team will be bestowed your ultimate gift and all. (By the way, don't […]