Terrible Twos Day

Hello Followers.   Hope you had a great Labor Day Weekend. Yesterday, I had just enough time to jump on the old treadmill… And take in the Pac-12 rewind of last Thursday’s game against Rutgers.  And after watching that game, I didn’t know if I should jump up and down with excitement or throw myself on […]


ESPN Gameday Flags – Everyone’s doing it?

Happy Gameday Saturday Cougs, as college football on the weekends is now a part of your life for the next, well, 3+ months or so.  Apologies to those significant others out there who may not be “all in” like you when it comes to college football, but they most likely know the drill by now. […]


Overreaction Friday – It’s Over Edition

Greetings Cougs, and a happy pre-holiday weekend Friday to you and yours. And there you go – that is my attempt to be “up” today, as I’m still coming down off last night’s game.  It’s really tough to sugarcoat things after what happened, but let’s get to a few thoughts after witnessing that nightmare in […]


The Jersey Boys

  Hello Followers. Well, Game Day has finally arrived.   In a few short hours, we will take on the boys from the State University of New Jersey, otherwise known as Rutgers. If I was as clever as Huddy, I’d figure out a way to fashion this post after all of the songs by Frankie Valli […]


The 10 Commandments

    Hello Followers. Every year when the regular season ends for College basketball, my good friend Sean Hawkins issues one of my favorite refrains:  “If we win the rest of our games, we will win the National Championship.” And, as we embark on this 2014 campaign, the same can be said about Cougar Football.  […]


Rise and Grind – WSU Gameweek Edition

  Happy Monday Cougs, and welcome to game week already for 2014.  Already in that yeah, can’t wait for football to get rolling and all that, but man has this summer just flown by for yours truly.  But fall is in the air, you can feel it coming can’t you?  And with that, the Cougs […]


Dare To Dream

  By Coug-A-Sutra Hello Followers.  Hope you’re doing great. Well, we’re now one week away from the season opener against Rutgers.  And so, after today’s practice, Game Week will finally be upon us! Normally, the excitement of the upcoming season is palpable.  And this year?  Well, it seems to have gotten a tad bit gloomy. […]


Check the Score

  By Coug-A-Sutra Hello Followers.  Hope you’re doing great! Tomorrow, our young Cougies will convene back in Pullman, gather their belongings, and head on down to Lewiston for the first two weeks of Fall Camp. And let me tell you, I am really excited. Of course, I’m excited every year.  And the reason for my […]


Mirror or Mirage?

  By Coug-A-Sutra Hello Followers.  Hope you’re getting ready for a fantastic weekend—the last one in July if you can believe it!!!! So, Pac-12 Media Week is now over.  And in true Blue fashion, the media went chalk with their picks, going with Oregon, Stanford, Washington, Oregon State, WSU, and CAL in the North.  Of […]

Chalk No More

By Coug-A-Sutra Hello Followers! Hope you’re doing great. As for me, well, I’m cold chilling on vacation somewhere in the mountains of the Southeast.  But since its mid-July, it’s time once again to release our annual Media Day Ballot to the Pac-12 Conference.   So without further ado, let’s get down to it! +++++ Followers, in […]

Ranking the Pac-12 North: Post-Spring Edition

By Coug-A-Sutra Hello Followers.  Hope you’re doing great! Yesterday, I ended months of silence by re-capping my view of Spring Ball. Today, I rank the Pac-12 North post-spring practice. +++++ Followers, in about two months, I will offer our Blog’s pre-season predictions for how I think each team will finish the 2014-2015 season.    And, as […]

Post-Spring 2014 Wrap-Up

Hello Followers.  Hope you’re doing great. As you all know, it’s been a long, long time since I or anyone else has frequented this here blog.   And even though I’ve missed writing from time to time, for the most part, it’s been a good thing.   I mean, after nearly 10 years of doing the blog […]

Guest Post: Join The Team

By Selahcoug Hello fellow Cougs.  I am writing today to talk about something many in the blogosphere are probably somewhat familiar with, and that is the Cougar Athletic Fund.  While many here may know what this is, I have found that just as many Cougs out there really do not know what this means.  For […]

Is 2014 A Championship Year?

Hello Followers.  Hope you’re having a great Pre-Superbowl week. As for me, well, I’m gearing up for what promises to be a very, very, VERY long spring semester. But before my world gets completely over-run with crackademics…. A few quick thoughts and takes about the 2014 Washington State Cougars….. (continue reading) ++++ Over the past […]


  Hello Followers.  Hope your week is off to a great start. With the Seahawks on the verge of a berth in the Superbowl, today we take a brief departure from the topic of Cougar Sports to delve into the great realm of sports superstitions/lucky charms. So, if you want to check out the backstory […]