Football Friday on a Thursday, Thank God It’s the Final Week of 2012 Edition

Happy Football Thanksgiving, Cougs, sadly but thankfully, our gridiron gang wraps up their season tomorrow, as the hated huskies come to town. It's been a frustrating and trying season for all of us, one that's had more twists and turns than a Martin Scorsese. While nobody anticipated us going 10-2, I would imagine not even […]

Counter To Longball’s Point

So this post originally started as a comment to Longball’s post from earlier today, but morphed into such a long rant with multiple revisions, that I figured it deserved its own post! Alex Akita from Seattle Sports Net made a lot of good points yesterday, starting with the following quote after the jump! In the […]

Know Your Enemy

So my picks got lost in the shuffle and didn’t appear in this morning’s post. My fault, but I don’t have time to re-hash my picks, so real quick, I like Stanford, Oregon, Oregon State, USC, ASU and Cal. But that’s not why I am here this afternoon. It’s not too often I find myself […]

In for a Surprise?

Happy Tuesday morning Cougar fans! In-case you weren’t around yesterday, make sure to check out Hawk’s morning links and my afternoon post that took a look at how I believe the Pac 12 will shake-out in 2012. All set? Good, let’s move on then, shall we? Click the old jump to see if what surprise […]

LucasCoug 2012 Pac 12 Media Ballot

Happy Monday afternoon Cougar faithful. If you didn’t get a chance to check out Sean’s morning links, you may do so, here. Some great notes from around the Crimson Interwebs and the link to our latest (but def not greatest) Blogfather Podcast. Moving on… I am not sure if you remember, but last yearI sort […]

Scholarship Math Update

Happy Monday afternoon Coug fans! If you’re a fellow Washingtonian, I hope you had a chance to get out and enjoy the sun over the weekend. Did you have chance to get a look at Hawk’s Monday morning post? Some pretty good links in there, make sure you take a look! While laying my sun […]

One Month Til Cougar Football

Hello Cougar fans, hopefully your batteries are charged after a nice weekend and none of you have a case of the Mondays. If you’re counting, we’re T-Minus 32 days until the Cougs square off with BYU in Provo. If you don’t count today, we’re only a month away from Cougar Football! If you do count […]

Better Late Than Never

Happy Tuesday evening Cougar Fans. We would be remiss if we didn’t get you a few good notes from around the Coug-a-Sphere, and apologies for not getting this out sooner, it was clearly a busy day for all of us. First of all, some how this interview totally slipped through the cracks, but Mike Leach […]

Bring ‘em Back

On the desks of the political leaders of Seattle and King County, sits a proposal from Chris Hansen and the investment group he represents. Their nearly $300 million would be the third-largest private investment of any arena in this country’s history.  In response, they need $200 million from the city and county which would be paid back, plus […]

Hump Day is Running Late

So Hump Day will be here this afternoon folks. Something about having to attend Mini Huddy’s pre-school graduation has delayed the post. Congrats Brady! In the meantime, did you see Matthew McConaughey on Jay Leno last night? Nice, subtle WSU shout out. If you don’t see the video embedded below, click here. Cheers, and hold […]

Someway, Somehow

Happy Tuesday Afternoon Cougar Nation! I am sure many of the regulars around these parts have noticed an absence from one-time writer, Tommy Simmons. He was a regular contributor for about a year and always had the pulse on WSU Football Recruiting. Back in October Tommy called me and mentioned he would be stepping away […]

Quarterback Recruiting

Happy Wednesday afternoon Cougar Fans, I hope your day is going well. Many of you are probably wondering where the always funny and ever handsome Huddy is with Hump Day today. Well, a little thing called work happened to get in the way. Yes, all of us here hold-down full-time careers, and only do this […]

The Greatest Assembly of Cougar Legends…Ever??

Happy Thursday afternoon WSU fans! Hopefully you enjoyed Khan’s return, and had a chance to check in with Huddy’s Spring Recap of the Defense yesterday. I just got off the phone with a certain someone and they were telling me about an awesome golf tournament coming up here in a few weeks being hosted by […]

Doba, Derting, and Kegel, Oh My!

Happy Tuesday Evening Cougar Fans! I just walked in the door from work and the gym and was catching up on all things Crimson. KXLY in Spokane has some great interviews with Matt Kegel, Will Derting, and Coach Doba from Spokane Week in anticipation of the 2012 Crimson & Gray Game! I had to share […]

Cougar Pride

Happy Easter Cougs! So on Thursday I was listening to the live feed of The Master’s on my work computer and you could hear somebody in the background shout “Go Cougs!” as Fred Couples teed off. Then, I’m not sure if it was the same person or not, but somebody sported a lotta Wazzu Pride […]