Well that was fun!

  Our own Longball was at the stadium in Salt Lake on Saturday night.  Here is his “at the scene” recap: First off, I got to watch the replay on TV last night and I gotta tell ya, the TV does not do justice to the weather situation. Some of the most clutch drives of the […]


Football Friday on a Thursday, Apple Cup 2013 Edition!

So, how does it feel to be bowl eligible going into Apple Cup week, folks? Its been a real load off my mind, for sure. Its been a season of wild ups and downs, but since we are coming off a decade of mostly downs, I am really savoring the strange, unfamiliar and amazing feeling […]

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Football Friday on a Thursday, Week Thirteen of 2013

  This week marks the final home game for what may be our first memorable senior class in quite a long time. Its been six years since we last honored a senior who knew what it was like to play in a bowl game and this years group has played itself into position to end […]


Football Friday on a Thursday, Week Twelve of 2013

This is it, folks. Our bye weeks are behind us, bowl eligibility is still tantalizingly dangling out in front of us, and the outcome of the 2013 season is still as much of a mystery as it was before our first kickoff at Auburn over two and a half months ago. Despite everything we have […]


Football Friday on a Thursday, Week Eleven of 2013

Welcome to another bye week, folks, and a much needed breather from the 4 alarm fire that this season has become the last three weeks. We are now left hoping that our season will end up as one we will remember as a “roller coaster”. Usually that is not a term of endearment for a […]


Football Friday on a Thursday, Week Ten of 2013

"Fright Night" Freedman… the ghost of Halloween past. Talk about your worst nightmare… 16 years ago the greatest Cougar team of all time took a Halloween weekend trip down to Tempe sporting an undefeated record and an outside shot at a National Title. It was a whale of a game and included one of the […]


Football Friday on a Thursday, Week Nine of 2013

Relax, Dude. Its a Bye Week. Welcome to the first of two bye weeks in 2013. A week guaranteed to produce no Conner Halliday interceptions, but not guaranteed to keep us all from arguing about it anyway. Last week the Cougs got predictably trounced by Oregon, but not everything went quite as most folks expected. […]


Football Friday on a Thursday, Week Eight of 2013

A visual description of the Cougs 4th quarter last week. After a completely deflating loss in our conference home opener the Cougs now hit the road to take on the #2 Ducks. I don’t know about you, but I am having a hard time getting excited for this game. The loss to the Beavs had […]


Football Friday on a Thursday Week Seven 2013

Well folks we have passed the halfway point of the season and the Cougs are sitting pretty at 4-2. This is about as good as even the most optimistic forecasts you could find for the Cougs before the season started, so we have plenty to be excited about. Now we finally get a conference home […]

Football Friday on a Thursday, Week 6 of 2013

Cougs and Bears, a wild and unpredictable matchup. Alright everyone quit watching that popcorn man gif over and over again. Despite the stinker against the Furd in front of dozens of somewhat devoted fans in Seattle last weekend, the season goes on. This week may not seem as big a deal as last week, but […]


Rise and Grind – Gameday Edition

I love my view on Saturday mornings. Morning Coug fans, and welcome to Gameday at the WSU Football Blog. Big shout out to our own Burning Snowman who is in Athens this morning waving the Coug flag high and proud. Well done! Today we get a little slice of the national spotlight as the Cougs […]

Q&A with Go Mighty Card

To get you ready for the game this weekend, we are doing a Q&A with Hank from the Go Mighty Card blog. I sent Hank some Stanford related questions he was kind enough to answer for the WSU Football Blog and in turn I answered his questions which you can find at the Go Mighty […]


Football Friday on a Thursday, Week 5 of 2013

The Cougs enter week 5 riding high on a three game win streak. You know the last time I typed that about football on this blog? NEVER. It was a fun homestand the last two weeks, taking Southern Utah and Idaho behind the ‘ol woodshed. But just when our season ticket holders were about to […]

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Amieable Writes a Love Letter to Pullman

I began composing this as Longball and I turned just past Dusty to head south back to Utah. We had just spent the weekend in Pullman for Lentil Festival. Leaving Pullman is always hard and Longball and I reflected about why so many people from all walks of life have an ongoing romance with Pullman. […]


Football Friday (on a Thursday) Week Four 2013

Battle of the Palouse! Welcome to week four of our blognositcations here at the WSU Football Blog. I’m sure you’re all riding high after the boys in crimson secured something we haven’t had around these parts (football, or basketball) in a long time… a win streak. That’s right, we are in the midst of a […]