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Which betting sites to bet with this season?

Hello Followers.  Hope you all are doing great!

Over this past week we've been analysing all of the UK's best betting sites in a hope that we can find you the best place to bet on the football.

This means that each and every site we've reviewed has had to fulfil a set amount of criteria before we can even recommend these betting sites to you. We will go into this in further detail below:

Firstly every betting website that comes under are analysis must have a clear and structured lay out. I mean come on guys were in the 21st century now, websites need to look clean and functional so we can place our bets easily. 

Secondly, for football fans like us there needs to be a pretty good range of betting markets available on the NFL. Lets face it, we follow one of the most diverse sports in the world which means we should be able to bet on the money line, the spread, points scored. I mean the list could keep going, but these are just some of the bets we expect to be able to place when we sign up to a betting site. 

And then there’s our third factor, this is without a doubt the main appeal when it comes to gambling online. Which sign up bonuses we're able to claim! Essentially free money or money for nothing. The bigger the better but that doesn't mean we want to be stabbed in the back with some sneaky terms and conditions which prevent us from cashing out. We check over every bonus thats offered by a betting site to make sure that they offer achievable terms and conditions. Were sick of signing up to gambling sites and then not being able to wager through our bonus in time because its been set so high! So remember if you want us to recommend your betting site we expect big bonuses with achievable wagering requirements. 

Our fourth item on our extensive betting checklist is, is your site really mobile optimised? This is an area that us Americans seem to not get the complete benefit of when we bet online, sites all across the UK have got great mobile sites to bet with. However come across the Atlantic and all our sites look like they're straight out of the 90s and thats just not acceptable. If you want us to gamble at your website then you need to offer a great mobile product. And when we say a great mobile product, we mean that your site firstly looks good on the small screen, that it also contains all of the positive features from the site itself and that its easy to use. 

The fifth item of the WSU Football check list for best new betting sites, is how does their customer support fare. While our UK brethren tend to benefit from 24/7 support unfortunately we cant say the same for us. However what we do expect is that any betting site wanting a review from us will need to have live chat, a phone number and a working email. These methods are the gambling industry standard.


Our final checkpoint:

Our final box to be ticked on the list is the variety of payment methods that are available. We pretty much expect a variety of different options to choose from, these include bank transfer, card payments, e wallets and crypto currency. Withdrawals and deposits should all be processed in a speedy manner. Now remember these are just a few of the things we consider when we review each of the betting sites that you guys send us. There is plenty more that needs to be factored into each review.

All for now. Go Cougs.