WSU Football Blogfather Show, Bowl Talk Edition

We're going to Albuquerque!

Happy Monday Cougs, and we hope things are well with you and yours.  For today we as Coug fans are FINALLY back in the postseason, officially, for the first time in 10 years.  Yes, it's a lower-tier bowl in the eyes of many against a non-BCS opponent.  Yes, there were rumors-n-such that maybe the Cougs were headed for a possibly more desirable locale/matchup (Texas/Shreveport/Honolulu?).  But in the end, it's my belief anyway that all of that just doesn't matter right now.  WSU is 6-6, and this is where 6-6 teams go in the postseason – playing Colorado State in a bowl game, the first bowl game to kick off the 2013 postseason, and it's on ESPN.  The speculation and hand-wringing is all over, and this is what's next.  So there.

The bottom line here is that hey, maybe some day we'll look back at this year as THE year things all turned around.  You have to start somewhere, and as a great man once said, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  And the reality is that after all the turmoil and negativity of the last year or two, Mike Leach got WSU back to the postseason in just his second year.

Anyway, we talked about it all last night on our little podcast thing.  After some technical difficulties in which the beginning was pretty much amateur hour on my part, we got the show up and running, so check it out:


You can listen to the embedded show here (maybe?  Depending on your browser, etc, hopefully you can see the embedded show here):



Otherwise, you can click through to it here and open in your own player/browser/whatever.

Other stuff out there today, dot-dot-dot style:

Jacob Thorpe writes about how great Colorado State is and why the Cougs should be very, very afraid.  You will hear about this A LOT, but, did you know CSU is the only team in the country with at least a 3,000-yard passer and a 1,500-yard-rusher?…Thorpe also has this, in which he tells all that CSU's QB, Garrett Grayson, has some WSU ties – he's the nephew of former Coug linebacker Dan Grayson.  Dan Grayson played on the 1988 Aloha Bowl team and was an all-conference linebacker and team captain on Mike Price's 1989 team….Bud Withers weighs in with some Moos and Leach quotes for your consumption…ESPN has this quick blurb, including the idea that New Mexico chose WSU ahead of Arizona and Oregon State, so we have that going for us…which is good.

That's about it.  Enjoy your Monday, and the fact that WSU is officially, finally BOWLING again!  And of course, GO COUGS.