Wazzu Morning Drip – Happy Holidays Edition


Um, Yeah, It's Getting Weird

Happy X-mas Eve Cougs, and of course we hope you and yours enjoy your holiday wherever you happen to be on this fine day.

So there's not a heck of a lot going on in the Coug-a-verse, but we did round up a few things for you…..so here we go:

Is there any doubt that the Seahawks are the hot story right now?  And not just in Seattle or the NW, but really in the NFL they are getting the kind of pub you just normally don't see in "South Alaska" way the hell up here!  Peter King even tweeted out this AM that the Seahawks were, well, check it out:

Crazy talk, I know.  But when you basically pummel into oblivion the team everyone said was the best, most complete team in the NFL a week ago?  And you do it on national TV, when you know the eyeballs were up about 10-fold compared to the amount of people who actually watch the Seahawks play?  You are going to see that kind of reaction out there.

All I know is that as a kid who followed the Seahawks passionately for as long as I can remember, AND as a Coug fan (obviously)?  We KNOW these are moments to savor, period.  Don't fret about what lies ahead, don't lament the close losses earlier in the year when Russell Wilson and the offense were trying to get their legs, and don't worry about the long odds that they can go on the road and win a bunch of playoff games to get to the Super Bowl.  Just try and live in the now and not worry about anything else, otherwise you will miss out on one hell of a run.  It's these moments that come along that are so rare as a sports fan, moments that you will remember and talk about for years to come.  But when happen to roll by, you just have to glob on and enjoy the ride.

And what a time to be a fan of young QB's in the NFL!  Luck, RGIII, and Wilson, it's just crazy-cool right now.  If you have a young NFL fan at home, I would run out to Target right now and buy the Topps NFL football card set for 2012 for 39.99 and get that sucker wrapped and under the tree.  This is one of those years, know what I mean?  

Moving on, a cool thing showed up in the mail over the weekend:


It includes a frame-by-frame look at the Keith Price-to-Toni-Pole INT in OT, and it's just a good look at the Apple Cup overall.  A very cool idea, WSU Athletics, and I hope to see that kind of thing again in the future.  

Yeah, I know.  We went 3-9 and it was as disappointing season as I can remember.  Yeah, the Apple Cup was our "bowl game" or whatever.  But sports and football, it's all about emotion.  There's nothing wrong with celebrating some success on the field in a rivalry game, know what I mean?  So some UW'ers you know may yuk it up over the holidays that the Cougs were home for X-mas while they were busy vacationing in Vegas and their players were getting bowl swag, etc.  Well, just go ahead and show them the cover of Cougars Quarterly.  That might quiet things down a bit!

Finally, the Cougs got an early X-mas gift yesterday in the recruiting world.  3-star defensive end Paulo Lepua committed yesterday afternoon, a 6-3, 265 lb pass rusher from Harbor City, CA.  Per Cougfan, Lepua held offers from Arizona, ASU, Colorado and Oregon State from the Pac-12, so he looks and sounds like a good "get" for the coaches.  If you are scoring at home, the Cougs are now up to 22 commits for this year's class (including the JC'ers and greyshirts who just signed), and now rank 40th in the country in recruiting and 7th in the Pac-12.  Cool.  

That's it for now.  ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY, and of course, GO COUGS!