It’s Baaaaaaack

Good morning and Happy Hump Day, Cougs! We're still a long way away from National Signing Day and finding out exactly who the next great Cougars will be from the 2013 recruiting class. That said, I've already fully made the switch to, "As it pertains to Cougar Football, basically all I think about is recruiting" mode. For This Here Blog, that can only mean one thing: it's time for the triumphant return of the Bridgeport Pumped-O-Meter! In case you forgot how this thing works, basically I arbitrarily assign a number rating to our verbal commitments based on the dumbest criteria possible. Check out last year's edition if you need further reminder. Everyone ready?. Neato, gang. Let's pump it up.


Cody O'Connell – OL – Wenatchee, WA

Bridgeport Pumped-O-Meter Score: 6

I respect the beard. I dig the apostrophe in the last name and its ramifications for the equipment managers. He's also ginormous, so there's that. Otherwise, the POM is not getting super pumped by Cody. Sorry, dude.

Tyler Bruggman – QB – Phoenix, AZ

Bridgeport POM Score: 10

Boom. Now we're talkin'! It happened way back in June, but the most exciting day in the 2013 recruiting cycle to date was the day that Tyler made his commitment to Wazzu. The quarterback is the lynchpin of a recruiting class and according to the experts we have a good one in the fold. And he's so handsome fundamentally sound! 

Markell Sanders – CB/S – Bellevue, WA

Bridgeport POM Score: 7.5

I was already at a 7 on Markell (Cool name, seems like a swell guy), but then today I found this picture. I don't know what to make of this pose, but I do know that I enjoy it. Bonus half-point!

Peyton Pelluer (52) – LB – Sammamish, WA

Bridgeport POM Score: 9

You had me at Skyline. You had me at Skyline. Also, in the picture above he looks like a big, bad mamma jamma.

River Cracraft – WR – Santa Margarita, CA

Bridgeport POM Score: 9.5

Cracraft is now my third favorite river behind the Rhein and Pheonix (RIP), but edging out the Yangtze and Danube. This is pretty lofty company he keeps. Also, I very much like Santa and Margaritas. Also too, he's probably pretty good at football and is the next, next Wes Welker because…well, you know.

Ivan McLennan – LB – Torrance, CA

Bridgeport POM Score: 9

He gets huge points in the "having the same first name as 'Drago' and 'the Terrible' categories, which is key. On top of that, he reportedly has offers from Arkansas and Oregon. The reporting of offers can be fairly skethcy, but when the offers are an SEC school and a conference/national powerhouse, I elect to believe said reports.

Gerard Wicks – RB – Long Beach, CA

Bridgeport POM Score: 10

Wicks might end up being my favorite player in the class. In terms of "looking like a ballplayer", which is a key factor for the pumped-o-meter, this dude is off the charts. Here's him holding a bat. Why? It doesn't matter. It's awesome. Throw in stuff like playing for Long Beach Poly and playing for a California state title and I suppose being a good running back and I'm excited about this kid.

Cole Madison – ? – Burien, WA

Bridgeport POM Score: 7

Madison currently plays tight end, but Scout projects him as a guard prospect, but by the looks of things, someone seems to think he's going to be part of the Hair Raid defense. Honestly, I'm not sure what to make of Madison. I'm not overly pumped, but I'm not, not pumped either, ya know?

Myron Turner – S – De Soto, TX

Bridgeport POM Score: 7

Turner seems to be the mystery man of this class. I get the sense the coaching staff did good work getting in on him early. Also, he's basically Merton Hanks 2.0, so there's that.

Malik Jenkins – Buck? – Ennis, TX

Bridgeport POM Score: 6.5

Not unlike Turner, Jenkins looks to be auditioning for the role of unearthed gem from Texas. Based on the picture of him I chose, he appears to be a dog pile enthusiast, which is fun. For whatever reason, though, when I think about the commitments we have to date, I tend to forget these last couple guys until I actually look it up.

Olito Thompson – RB – Concord, CA

Bridgeport POM Score: 8

Hoo boy, as I go through this exercise, I'm starting to get pretty darn pumped about the future of the runninb back position. I'm particularly excited about the name Olito. Neato, Dorito, Cheeto, Frito, my friend Tito, Olito. 

Jamal Morrow – RB – Menifee, CA

Bridgeport POM Score: 7.5

Morrow is the smallest of the Great Running Back Class of 2013, and therefore the shiftiest, because that's how football commentary stereotypes work. It's good to see that recruits weren't scared off by the most inept rushing attack in the history of rushing attacks. 

Gerald Sterling – DT – Aliceville, AL

Bridgeport POM Score: 9.5

Ohai, Gerald. These are your new friends Junior, Toni and Xavier. They're gonna teach you how to make quarterbacks fall down and feel sad. Plus, we pick up comitments from Alabama now? Cool. That works.

Darius Lemora – S – Port Arthur, TX

Bridgeport POM Score: 8

Asked about the hit pictured above, #6 for the white team was quoted as saying, "Ooooof".

Carlos Freeman – C – Oklahoma City, OK

Bridgeport POM Score: 7

"Not at the table, Carlos." I don't know if you knew this, but Washington State is in need of offensive lineman. I like pretty much any linemen that end up in this class because they exist. Hopefully, in addition to that, they'll end up being good at stuff like playing offensice line.

Matt Meyer – OL – Lynden, WA

Bridgeport POM Score: 9

Who's ready for a bold opinion based on no concrete data whatsoever? I think you all are. Meyer is THE sleeper of this class. He's going to end up being a stud tackle for us. Am I saying this because I've been to Lynden several times? Yes, that's possible, but whatever. I could arbitrarily put 4 stars next to his name too. My system is just "different".

Vince Mayle – WR – Rocklin, CA

Bridgeport POM Score: 8.5

That's Vince on the left. Big, strong, wide receivers are cool if you're into that sort of thing. In 2013, Sutra is Bella, Kristoff Williams is Edward and Vince Mayle is Jacob. I see you, tween readers.

Emmitt Su'a-Kalio – DE – Pago Pago, American Samoa

Bridgeport POM Score: Incomplete

As I've mentioned, I'm basically an idiot so much of my recruiting "analysis" is based on photographic evidence. The only photo I've found of Emmitt is from a website that is sometimes all, "Stop using our pictures, yo" so it's hard to make a determination here. That said, in Joe Salavea we trust, plus Robert barber (pre-injury) and Destiny Vaeao looked like excellent finds so I figure this will shake out pretty high. And you're crazy if you don't think I make loads of Doc Brown references about Emmitt.

Lyman Faoliu – DE – San Mateo, CA

Bridgeport POM Score: 9.5

Hair Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!!!!! Justin Sagote worked out pretty darn well. I'm putting my faith in the College of San Mateo pipeline.

Daquawn Brown – CB – Los Angeles, CA

Bridgeport POM Score: 10

Look, you commit to Washington State one day after your official visit to Washington, you get a 10. It's just that simple.

Jacob Seydel – OL – Riverside, CA

Bridgeport POM Score: 6

OK, so his current team does have knock-off Bengals uniforms. That's a pretty shameless attempt at a POM point, and it totally worked. 

Demarcus Ayers – WR – Lancaster, TX

Bridgeport POM Score: 9.5

Look! He won a major award! Well, maybe it's not major, but you don't just get plaques for nothin'. Demarcus does get a half-point deduction for his continued flirtation with West Virginia. 

That's all for now. As more commitments roll in, I'll chime in with further "pumped" updates. Go Cougs (and future Cougs)!