This Leach Guy Can Recruit

Alex Jackson probably didn’t get tackled here.

Hey, Cougs! It’s me, Huddy, again. It’s still Hump Day and I’ve got more to say! Don’t worry, though. There will be no caroling this time. If you happened to check out Cougfan today and it didn’t happen to destroy your hard drive, you’d have seen that Mike Leach and his band of merry coaches have picked up three verbal commitments. The first, Feddie Davey, a DB from Florida looked like more of the same recruiting news to which we’ve grown accustomed, insofar as we had beaten out the likes of Florida Atlantic and Southern University for his services. Unless he’s also a musician, beating out Southern University, is not noteworthy. I will say, though, that the kid appears to have some swagger and the Florida thing has been working out pretty well so I was being open-minded. Then within a matter of hours, verbal commitments from a couple three star kids at Michael Bumpus’ alma mater rolled in. Boom and Pow. Alex Jackson, a really fast looking wide receiver and Khalil Pettway, a really badass looking linebacker have both pledged their services to the Cougs.  

Did the fun times stop there? Well, no. No did they not. I hopped on the Twitter (shameless plug: follow me @Huddlestron) for more news and ran across the news that Gabe Marks has de-committed from SMU. Where is Gabe Marks visiting very soon? If you guessed, Washington State, you’re a big winnner. For the star gazers out there, Mr. Marks comes with four of them. Of course, the good news wasn’t done yet. The lovely Laken Litman, also tweeted that Gabe’s teammate Robert Lewis may soon follow suit and decommit. Lewis appears to also be very much in play for Coach Leach. I love you, Laken Litman.

The story of the 2012 recuriting class figures to have plenty of twists and turns between now and February, but it’s pretty clear that the new staff has hit the ground running. For the first time that I can remember, we may be the beneficiary of late changes of heart from some kids.

While the Marks and Lewis situations are far from done deals, this is all still pretty damn exciting. I’m gonna have a mini celebration now. How you ask? Duh.

Go Cougs.