The REAL DC Search

Hello Followers. Hope you’re having a great week.

Well, in view of the Khan’s stunning (in the wrong way) announcement, I thought I’d put together my quick, dirty, and real short list of desireable defensive coordinators for WSU.  Read on.

1. Justin Wilcox.  One of the hottest young HEAD coaching prospects in the country, I know.  And yesterday, Ted Miller noted that he might be a nice fit at Arizona State as the Head man.  While Wilcox has been solid at Tennessee–and was fantastic at Boise State–the fact of the matter is that Tennessee is a debacle right now.  So, unless Wilcox views himself as an internal candidate for the Head job next year, it might be good for him to jump ship before the Titanic goes down.

2.  Mark Carrier.  Carrier currently serves as Defensive Line coach of the NY Jets.  Prior to that, he served as secondary coach for the vaunted Baltimore Ravens defense.  Word has it that Leach spent time with the Ryans during his two year hiatus.  And so, if we want to harvest some of their crazy blitzing schemes, well, Carrier seems like a good fit.  On top of that, its important to remember that Michigan hired their DC out of the NFL last year.  And since that time, their defense went from WSU bad to playing in a BCS game in January.  I would REALLY love this hire.

3.  Randy Shannon.   As most of you know, Shannon spent his entire coaching career with the Miami Hurricanes, a stint that also included him stealing Asante Cleveland from us at the 11th hour.  Shannon interviewed for the UCLA defensive coordinator position last year, but came up short. But, with a REALLY STRONG academic record plus some nice chops, you would think he might be lured to learn a thing or three about coaching from Mike Leach.  The Downside:  He’s rumored to be the leading DC candidate at Arkansas.

4. Vic Koenning.  Currently, Slick Vic is the interim coach at Illinois getting the Illini fast and ready (that’s a joke) for their Tilt against UCLA in the Kraft Fight Hunger bowl.  Before his stint as Zook’s DC, he served under the second regime of Bill Snyder at Kansas State and was also Clemson’s DC where he was VERY successful.  Downside:  Had a Paul Wulff type record at Wyoming as a head guy, but who cares about that, right?

5. Greg McMackin.  The “Gregger” just completed a so-so stint at Hawaii. Before that, McMackin served as Erickson’s DC at the University of Miami and then with the Seahawks.  He also served as Leach’s DC at Texas Tech for a year.  Without question the guy has some serious experience and credentials with some NFL greats. The downside:  He’s nearly as old as the dirt in my backyard.

So, there you have it.  A few names to chew on over the weekend. Rest assured, probably NONE of them will be hired, but at least there’s a starting point for discussion.

All for now. Go Cougs.