The Pac 12 Gets One Auto Bid Right?

Well after Longball’s incredibly original Tebow’s yesterday, I have a tough act to follow. As a huge tailgating enthusiast, I have to admit that winning the 2011 award for Astounding Achievement in Tailgate Arts has been an amazingly humbling experience and I would like to thank the guild for giving me the award.

Moving on. Sorry Clemson, this post has nothing to do with you, but this was one of the first images to return when I searched “We suck.”

Speaking of sucking, how flipping terrible is the Pac 12 in basketball this season? Read the jump for a few of my thoughts.


Yesterday the most recent Top 25 Polls were released, and not a single Top 25 team is a member of the Pac 12 Conference. California comes in at 27 in one poll, while Stanford trots in at #28 in the other poll.

With conference play just a little over one week away, Arizona, Washington, USC and ASU are coming off recent loses to the likes of Gonzaga, S Dakota St, Northern Arizona and Georgia.  Don’t even get me started on the Utah Utes.

Coming off an eight game non-conference losing streak, the Utes have rallied the troops for recent wins against Portland and Idaho State.

So where does that leave the Cougs?

Coming off an embarrassing showing at the 76 Classic down in Anaheim over the Thanksgiving weekend, with losses to Oklahoma, New Mexico and UC Riverside, it could be argued we’re the hottest team in the league right now. The Cougs are winners of five straight and are tied for the longest current winning streak in the league, along with Stanford, at five. It was about this time last year that Wazzu hammered Mississippi State and then knocked off Baylor the next day at the Diamond Head Classic in Honolulu.

That evening, under the heavy influence of IPA, I wrote about how we looked like a “Touranment Team” on these here interwebs. I even went out of the way to text my buddy about making plans to head to Denver to see our Cougs in the opening weekend of March Madness. As the Old Ball Coach himself would say, “not so fast my friend.”

After a second consecutive 10-2 start under Ken Bone, the Cougs went on to poop in their gym shorts in conference play, posting a 9-10 mark. That stretch was highlighted by many mind-numbing collapses against the likes of ASU, Zona, UCLA, USC and Stanford; not to mention two or three of those infamous marijuana arrests.

Ken Bone has yet to post more than two consecutive conference wins, in a league that has been down the last two seasons. I am also choosing not to watch this team play in-person either time they’re in Seattle this year. I’ve never missed an Apple Cup, Seattle Football Game and have attended a couple of basketball games at Hec Ed since I was an undergrad. Not to say that this season’s team is last year’s or the prior year’s, but let’s just say that I will be taking a wait & see approach until Ken Bone proves me otherwise.

Oh, and that whole title of my post thing, is the Pac 12 to college basketball as the Big East is to football?

Have a great day Cougar Fans, and Happy Birthday to Soze, welcome back pal!!