Sunday Seance

Hello Followers.  Hope you’re having a great weekend.

Today marks the return of coach Mike Leach to Pullman. And with his return comes the possibility of an announcement tomorrow regarding his coaching staff.

Thus far, we know that his offensive coaching staff is basically complete.  What we don’t know is the status of his defensive coaching staff.  While many of you have suggested that Leach will go back to his Texas Tech History with this one, selecting on someone like Greg McMackin or Lyle Setencich, I am not so sure.  In fact, judging by the silence/lack of movement on the defensive side of the ball, I am thinking that the DC may wind up carrying an “Asst. Head Coach” title, one that carries with it the ability to hire position coaches.

Two days ago, “we” put together a list of desired candidates, a list I like today as much as yesterday.   With respect to that list, it turns out that Arkansas did NOT hire Randy Shannon, meaning that the South Florida native (yes, Miami is close to Key West) is still potentially available.  Although a total fricking wildcard, I still am holding out for the hire of Mark Carrier of the NY Jets.


Kyle Whittingham is a candidate at both Arizona State and Penn State.  I know that many of you question why someone would move within conference, but I’m telling you ASU would become a nightmare with Whittingham at the helm. He truly is one of the top 5 most under-rated coaches in the country, and so, here’s hoping that he either stays put or moves east to Penn State.

Robert Griffin’s Heisman acceptance speech last night was a thing of beauty.  And incredibly classy moment for an incredibly classy individual.  I am now looking even more forward to the possibility of him throwing for 700 yards and 13 touchdowns at the Alamo in a few weeks.

All for now.  Longball will be back tomorrow.

Until then, GO COUGS!