Simply Wild

That was some shootout last night in Texas, huh?  Victory Bell can’t recall such an offensive performance, and it certainly was nothing like the last time a school from Washington took on Baylor down in San Antonio (WSU 10, Baylor 3, 1994 Alamo Bowl)….What is even more amazing is how that game absolutely played out like a typical NBA game – the “home” team comes out hot out of the gates and builds a big lead (Baylor, 21-7).  Then the visitors catch fire, exert everything they have and come roaring back to eventually take the lead (42-24).  Finally, the better home team gets it’s act together, puts on a show to finish it out and, well, 67-56 later the Bears walk out winners while the Christian Caple’s trudge out of the building feeling like they woulda-coulda-shoulda.

And I know we all love Marshawn Lynch in the great NW, but did YA SEE Terrance Ganaway of Baylor??  Chris Polk got the hype coming in as the best running back on the field, but Ganaway had more yards, yards per carry and TD’s on the season compared to Polk.  A ripped 240 pound beast of power and speed, what a flippin’ nightmare compliment to RGIII and what they can do in the air. 

It seemed like UW decided they simply were not going to let Baylor beat them deep and played the safeties and corners soft all night long, but that left a heck of a lot of room for Ganaway and others to rush for an embarrassing 482 rushing yards and EIGHT TD’s!?!?  And what a night for Nick Holt, eh?  777 total yards allowed, 67 points, it just boggles the mind.  And where was Alameda Ta’Amu, wasn’t he supposed to be the anchor of the defense or something?  Isn’t that him in the background of the picture, about 30 yards behind the play and sucking wind??  The size of some of those holes that Ganaway and company got to exploit up front were just unreal.

That said…..Keith Price, WOW.  They said he was as healthy as he had been all season, and did he ever put on a show.  438 yards, and he just kept them moving all night long until the very end.  I know he’ll only be a junior next year, but after what we’ve seen so far of him in 2011 and the way he ended the season, is there any doubt that he should at least show up on some preseason Heisman watch lists?  The conference will belong to Matt Barkley as far as QB’s go next year, but even this old WSU Victory Bell can take off the crimson oversized novelty sunglasses and realize that Price is really, really, REALLY good.

But it also has to be said that both Baylor and the Caple’s need to learn a thing or two about, you know, what’s that word?  Oh yeah, DEFENSE.  As in how to cover, tackle, get off blocks, in other words stop the opposing team from getting the ball into the end zone.  While it was an offensive fireworks show the likes we’ve never seen in a BCS bowl game, neither team really showed much of a pulse on that side of the ball.  Yeesh.  But hey, everyone loves the Longball!  And we love points and touchdowns, especially out west.

I sincerely hope Mike Leach and the rest of the Coug coaches were watching every minute of that game last night.  I hope he finds a defensive coordinator that has a clue about how to slow down the opponent.  Offense is fun and puts butts in the seats, but when you score 56 points and lose by double digits, something is very wrong.  As a fan I sure don’t want to be on the other end of losing shootout after shootout.  I mean offense is fun, but come on!

In other news, in another sport that saw absolutely no defense being played, the Cougs laid a major egg in Spokane last night, losing to the Quacks 92-75.  Oregon shot a riDUNKulous 69% or something, and never trailed in the easy conference opener.  Could be a LONG season on the hardwood folks.  I don’t think I’ll be doing much ringing this winter.

Happy New Year, and may there be plenty of chances for old VB to ring up on the hill after football wins next fall!