Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Put Us on the TV!

So the Cougs aren't exactly a primetime TV grab for the upcoming fall season. As in, well, let's see, the Apple Cup is going to be on TV....and the Notre Dame game....and that's pretty much it. But hey, what do you know but FSN, our new buddies with the Cougars All Access show, has come through after all!

That's right, as Cougfan is reporting, FSN Northwest has picked up the Stanford-WSU clash for the season opener. In HD even! Kickoff is now 3 PM, so set those DVR's. Niiiice.

Meanwhile Grippi has some of the usual practice recaps from today's double-dip. The morning saw an emphasis in the running game, while the afternoon was a little sluggish until the end. That's about it.



LucasCoug said...

That means two less hours of tailgating...Or we could start tailgating two hours earlier!

Sean Hawkins said...

I'll go with the two hours earlier please? I'd happily trade two hours earlier for TV though, just so many good things about being on the tube.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile Ted Miller pee-peed on UW's so-called returning starters.

"After watching Washington and Oregon State, I had a thought about how "returning starters" can be a misleading way to judge a unit. The Huskies secondary welcomes back all four starters. The Beavers none. And the Beavers were missing a number of guys due to injury. But the Beavers looked far more athletic in the back half than the Huskies. On paper, the Huskies might seem better off but my impression is the Beavers should be more confident. That shouldn't be too surprising. One team won nine games last year. The other, zero."

Ah, see, Ted ain't so bad!

CougTat said...

If I remember correctly FSN may be broadcasting ALL their games in HD this season. I saw an ad the other day where it just said FSNHD coming in September. Well FSNHD is already a channel so my take on it was that their broadcasts of sporting events would finally be all in HD.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Brian said...

Thank God FSN is using HD now! Couldn't stand watching all our hoops games in that grainy regular broadcast last year, could barely tell who's who. Not sure if our football games were in HD or not, I've blocked them out of my memory with the aid of beer.

kaddy said...

My worry is that many Cougs will use this as an excuse not to attend the game, and we'll see a whole bunch of empty seats on TV.

Soze said...

Kaddy, unless the Cougs are bowl bound, there are ALWAYS empty seats. So I expect a ton of empty seats regardless of the TV time.