Monday, August 17, 2009

Little Levy to Transfer

There's been a lot of news lately about the QB battle raging in Fall camp between Lobbestael, Lopina and Tuel and it looks like the odd man out, JT Levenseller, has opted to try his luck at getting some playing time somewhere else.

Initial reaction - Understandable, if you ask me. He's a great athlete and a capable QB who in the right situation, perhaps at a lower tier school, could really have a great career. JT was a sentimental favorite of mine, being a Pullman Greyhound and all. But even with his outstanding athleticism and above-average arm, in the end, there really was very little chance of him winning the starting job at Wazzu. It's an awfully crowded group all of a sudden, with Lobbestael, Lopina and Tuel likely ahead of him on the depth chart, and Conner Halliday coming in next year. I speculated last year that he may be better used as a slot receiver, or defensive back where his athleticism could be put to good use, but this decision indicates to me that QB is where he wants to play. Good Luck JT, I'll be rooting for you wherever you land.

That's it for now. As always, GO COUGS!


Selahcoug said...

Really hate to see him go, but I guess he has to do what is best for himself. It is too bad that he didn't stick it out for one more year and even try playing other positions as well to at least get on the field. If the QB's go down like they did last year, he could easily be playing this year, especially if they are set on redshirting Tuel. I really hope that we aren't forced to burn Tuel's redshirt the same way they did Levy's last year due to injuries.

I guess him having that redshirt available will allow him to transfer whereever he wishes though. My guess is he will be headed to Eastern or one of the Montana schools. Good luck to him whereever he ends up, I will be rooting for him.

Stiffmiester said...

Burning the redshirt is a tough decision. But if Lobster is turning into a Gary Rodgers type situation, Flash of promise but no closing on the job, then if we get Lopina or Tuel talk going I say if the kid can get it done playing with the big boys better than Kevin, so be it.

Hooty McBoob said...

This is only a problem if it results in Tuel's Redshirt getting burned this year.

BendORCoug said...

Remember how we had try outs last year for an emergency back-up QB? I think some kid from Inglemoor won the spot, though I don't recall his name. Just curious: does anyone know if that kid is still with the team? Not that I expect him to play, but it's an interesting story. Also, is Dan Wagner still on the depth chart?

Hooty McBoob said...

Peter Roberts from Woodinville. Not sure if he's still around but I can find out. Wagner is still on the team and is also the backup punter.

Lucas said...

Woodinville HS representing! Now if we could get Maxx Forde to commit.

Sean Hawkins said...

I don't know, but I am sad it didn't work out for Levy. Wulff had so many good things to say about him last year. Then again he had a ton of good to say about Marshall, and he isn't exactly grabbing the bull by the balls.

Tuel is pretty damn intriguing. That last bit the Grippi said, where he called one of his throws one that "very few young QB's can make" moves the needle a bit.

Anyway, at last check we are only 1+ week into fall camp. They still have three full weeks until the opener. A lot can change between now and 9/5. It looks like Lopina is grabbing the job, but it's not over yet. Maybe Marshall lost the week-one battle, but the war ain't over yet!

If we can read the tea leaves though, it is awfully clear that the coaches will play the guy who is best equipped to get it done now. I think the attitude is that we'll worry about 2010 in, well, 2010.

Longball said...

Pretty sure that Wagner and Gilbertson are #'s 5 and 5 on the depth chart and thats it.

'03CouveCoug said...

I would be very surprised if this did anything to the status of Tuel’s redshirt. If the coaching staff really wants to redshirt him, they’ve got Lopina/Lobbestael one and two with Wagner and Gilbertson (yikes) backing them up if we have catastrophic injuries like last season (which, barring some sort of abject hatred from the football gods, we likely will not suffer through again this year). If they don’t end up redshirting him, it’s likely that he was going to be given a shot to compete for the job from the opening of camp anyway.

Regardless, I’d be mighty stunned if Tuel sees the field this season.

Chris '04 said...

Rumor has it that playing time wasn't the only reason why Little Levy left the program. Any ideas???

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