Monday, June 15, 2009

Wulff Speaks on Arrests

Happy Monday Coug fans! Still rolling around over the new uni's? I was out of town over the weekend but snuck away to check them out on my little blackberry. EA Sports kind of "softened the blow" a bit, and they were pretty close to the real thing. The all-white look might be pretty cool on the road, although they look a lot like Oklahoma? But you can bet they'll mix-n-match. I thought the gray pants looked a little dull, but that could just be the lighting. And you know they'll roll out the "Cougars" helmets for the Apple Cup, and hopefully with the gray pants as well. Anyway, overall, put me in the like 'em camp.

Meanwhile, Q-13 spoke to Wulff in an interview over the weekend, and of course, the topic of the recent news is the off-the-field arrests 'n such. He addresses the recent bad news, plus Xavier Hicks as well. Check it out, in THREE PARTS:

Part One - HAVING trouble directly imbedding the video, so here's a link to part one:

Part Two - Having trouble directly imbedding the video, so here's a link to part two:

Part Three:

Note - if you can't see the videos, here's a link to the transcript.

Don't want to click the link? On the juicy stuff (read: arrests), here's what he had to say:

Q. I have to address the Tyree Toomer and LeAndre Daniels situation. They've been suspended from team activities. What else, if anything, can you tell us about their situation?

A. First of all, it's a mistake, and a poor choice by a couple young guys that have never been in trouble prior to Washington State or in their first year. Both have been done very well academically as well. I think when it's all said and done, there's a question mark on whether the charges will even be filed. There are some issues there behind the scenes that look favorable for the players.

Q. Have you spoken with them, and if so, what was your message?

A. Oh, yeah. I had a message. But we don't need to talk about that one here. But, bottom line is they're very remorseful and we'll deal with that, and the bottom line is they need to make sure they learn from those mistakes.

Q. Do you expect them to rejoin the team, and if so, when?

A. Yes we do, and hopefully soon.

Q. You talked about Xavier Hicks during spring practice as being a leader on the team. How much of a blow is that, that it happened again?

A. Xavier's done a great job. He really had. What occurred was he had a traffic ticket in 2007 in Othello and it wasn't paid. And college students move around, his address, he didn't receive any of the information that it was suspended. And then he got pulled over and then he found out then. So, that's the offense. It's something he has to learn from, obviously, but those mistakes are going to occur.

Q. Are there any repercussions?

A. We've got a few things we'll do to handle that, but for the most part, at this point, he's not going to be suspended.

So there you have it. Daniels, Toomer and Hicks will get dinged, but will be part of the team this fall. Interesting.

The entire interview is pretty good, and it's the first in-depth information we've really heard from Wulff this off-season. He sounds pretty forgiving. But they have a process in place and he knows the full story for each of the bad news items. If they don't deem the offenses bad enough on the scale to actually kick someone off the team, then so be it.

That's it for today. Enjoy your Monday, and GO COUGS!


Nuss said...

It never ceases to amaze me how much of a face for radio Gastineu has. Kind of like my face for blogging.

Sedihawk said...

I hear ya Nuss. Gastineu at least can put away the purple-n-gold pompoms and make some rational arguments. Other than Mitch and Furness, the rest has become unlistenable. But us WSU "folk" aren't exactly their target! Just listen to their commercial spots. They seek impetent, unemployed, refi-seeking divorced males who love UW. That's pretty much their demographic.

When I do check into the sports radio scene, I'm all about KIRO now.

Lucas said...

Wow, Hawk you sure as hell nailed their demographic. I can only stand Furness. I think Brock and Salk is actually a decent show (and it starts during Softy's show), plus you get the Herd in the am, and Calabro in the afternoon drive.

This Toomer / Daniels case appears to maybe be another instance of the WSU PD and the local media blowing it out of proportion. I found his comments on Hicks interesting. He said he had an unpaid ticket in Othello back in 2007, and he lost it in the mail. Well, hasn't Hicks already been arrested for DWLS in the last 10 months?

Nuss said...

I just find that I need to be a little more mental stimulation than what they're able to provide. I like the interviews because I'm interested in what other people have to say, but I've tired of listening to ill-informed opinions passing as radio "entertainment." Give me some actual analysis.

What I wouldn't give to have David Locke back. I didn't always agree with him, and felt he was a little heavy handed with people at times, but he was as well informed as anyone. He didn't just spout conventional wisdoms (Gastineu) or made up "facts" (Groz) or cheerlead (Softy).

One last thing: If only we all had a pretty face like yours!

Sedihawk said...

I have to admit that I did like Locke. A bit hard-core in his analysis but he didn't cower to Montlake. The voice got to you a bit, and sometimes you just had to turn it down. But he was cool in that he was a seamhead, yes, but an informed seamhead. He had strong analysis and backed it up with his opinions. I miss his crazy Sonics stuff, with the rumors at the trade deadline and the NBA draft, etc. And he told it like it was with UW, and when they sucked, he said it.

I also remember after the '05 Apple Cup when Will Derting played with his knee hanging by a thread, that Locke went on and on the Monday after just how great Derting was, and that he should go down in AC lore with his performance on basically one leg. He played a really good game, when it looked like he wasn't going to make it for more than a few plays. DAMN I love Derting!

Locke also went off after the '03 Holiday Bowl, just how fantastic an accomplishment it really was for WSU to finish in the top 10 in the polls for three straight years. He was on the air with I think Millen and Softy, and really shot them down in terms of talking up WSU. Ah, the good old days....

'03CouveCoug said...

Well, I guess that everyone can put down their torches and pitchforks now. I have to marvel at the folks on the interwebs that immediately condemn the discretions of players and call for them to be thrown off of the team minutes after a developing story has seen the light of day. I really wish that people would take a deep breath and wait for the facts before rushing to judge 19 year old college students that happen to be under a pretty powerful microscope. Lord knows that I did some very stupid things in college and luckily for me, I never got caught. Even if I had, I sure wouldn’t have made headlines, which is a luxury that a football player at WSU does not have, especially in the Summer. I wish that others would recognize this.

That being said, I'm not excusing what Hicks, Toomer and Daniels allegedly have done. However, I’m confident that the coaching staff will determine the severity of their actions and provide fitting consequences. I think it’s very telling that Wulff doesn’t even think that charges will be filed against Toomer and Daniels. In the Hicks case, it’s merely a need to pay a ticket. Punishments will be given out by the law (possibly) and the Unity Counsel and this will all be forgotten by August. Thank goodness.

Anonymous said...

Completely off topic, but long time reader. I just came across this link which I found fascinating. It's an awesome breakdown of the offense we ran under Price with Leaf. Nuts and bolts kind of stuff.

Fond memories of Ryan Leaf -- from Smart Football

- Greg

Crimson Coug said...

What he said about Hicks happened to me almost exactly last summer. I dinged 3 years ago in Othello for speeding, when I moved some of my mail failed to catch up to me. Last summer I got pulled over in front of Sella's for expired license tabs and when they ran my license they said it was suspended due to an unpaid ticket and they put in me in handcuffs and tossed me in the back of the squad car. Maybe it's because I didn't argue with him or anything but the officer let me go, and 2 days later I got a summons for a court date, but otherwise I was allowed to go home, my buddy picked up my car, and I went and paid the ticket. Within a week I had a reinstated license and was good to go, I honestly have to think that Hicks either didn't shut his mouth or that the cops in Pullman love nailing football players whenever they get the chance. Those guys are the one part of Pullman I won't miss when I graduate this December.