Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rambling Through a Thursday

"You got what you want CoHagen. Give those people air!"

--Yes, I'm stealing from Ted Miller and his penchant for opening some of his posts with movie lines. But you'll see why in a moment.

Some odds-n-ends to tie up on a Thursday.

First off, ESPN's own Bruce Feldman stopped by a pretty cool site called for some podcast-action analysis of the SEC and PAC-10. Yes, he talks Cougs, and yes, he thinks the they will absolutely stink. What, did you expect he LOVES US in '09?? I'm not even sure we love "us" in '09....

Anyway, the WSU stuff is towards the end of the interview. Still worth a listen (and thanks to Adam Nettina, a former colleague at AOL Fanhouse, for the tip).

A big-time camp is underway at WSU. Cougfan's report claims over 500 high schoolers are in Pullman for a four-day, full-contact football camp. Per the report, some pretty good names have come out of this thing:

Last year, Justin Clayton, Chris Mastin and Aaron Dunn earned scholarship offers after impressive sessions in Pullman and/or verbally committed to the Cougs.

Mastin and Clayton are part of WSU's incoming class of freshman and Dunn, a senior-to-be at Spokane's Mead High, will be in the 2010 class.

Other notables over the years who attended the WSU camp and then went on to suit up for the Cougs include Marcus Trufant, Erik Coleman, Brandon Gibson, Mkristo Bruce, Rien Long and Will Derting.

Certainly bears watching to see what, if any, recruiting news comes out on the other side of this thing?

I know this broke a few days ago, but Ferris High QB Connor Halliday gave his pledge to Paul Wulff Friday last week. Halliday is regarded by some as a bit of a late bloomer, but has some decent tools to work with. Already 6-foot-5 and full of muscle (wasn't "6-foot-4 and full of muscle" a lyric from Men at Work?? Anyone? Reep, you out there?). Well, OK, not exactly full of muscle. More like skin and bones. He's listed at 180 lbs, so he's got room to add the right kind of weight.

While Cougfan and like him a bit, giving him the three-star treatment, Not so much. They do break down with some good scouting details, including their analysis of his three-quarters delivery that could cause him some issues down the line. But to summarize:

Overall, Halliday is an adequate prospect with redeeming qualities and may be a better fit for the lower level non-BCS conferences.

Ouch. Or, maybe he's really good, but it's all part of an elaborate anti-redhead campaign?

Nah, probably not. We've already got a redheaded QB in place in Lobbestael, and that's working out just fine. Oh, and there's video from the story, although it's shot from about 10,000 feet away from the action. Anyway, he is still several years from seeing the field at the next level, so anything can happen. Maybe he hits the weights, adds a few inches and suddenly he's 6-7, 240 and throwing 95 MPH fastballs down the middle of the field?

Speaking of which, aren't we all just a little guilty of declaring verbal commits this early as either hits or misses? All these verbals that are coming in, I mean these guys haven't even played their senior year in high school yet.

I know, I know, it's a new age, and the early commit is THE thing to do. But man, it seems like getting the commits this early might actually work against some schools? Is it enough time to really analyze a kid? I know some are slam dunk, can't-miss types, but it seems like the early commit can lead to more misses that hits. But God knows we missed on kids we got late as well, so it can go either way. But hmm, maybe Doba was right after all with his disdain towards the early commits?

Finally, one last thing to lighten up your day...wait for it....

Maybe you've seen this already, but, how about the top 100 movie lines in 200 seconds!?

So many ways to go. Some great choices, some, not-so-much. Just one line from Caddyshack? No "how about a Fresca?" They couldn't include "it looks good on you though"? And nothing from Fletch!??!? Unreal. Still, a little something for everyone.

ENJOY your Thursday, and as always, GO COUGS!


Anonymous said...

"get yr azz to mars bzzt! get yer azz to marz bsst! get yer azz to marz bzzt!"

'03CouveCoug said...

I couldn’t agree with you more on the early commits, Sedi. How many times have we seen a guy that doesn’t do much his Junior year in high school come out and have a monster Senior year? Plenty. Especially with kids that come from great high school programs…some may not even have the opportunity to play until their seniors because there was someone in front of them when they were a sophomore or junior!

I’m constantly amazed at how people fail to recognize that some of these 17 and 18 year old kids are going to mature physically (and mentally, emotionally, etc.) at different rates. Just because a kid is all world at 16 doesn’t mean he’s going to be a force in college. Could very well be that he just matured at a faster rate than those around him.

I recognize that there are plenty of “can’t miss” kids out there. But, let’s be real…those guys are going to USC, Texas, Florida and the like. For almost EVERY other team, recruiting is a crap-shoot. Even if a kid does turn out to be great athlete, he might be a head-case, or lazy, or unable to make grades, or stops growing physically at 18…the list goes on.

For anyone to claim that they can predict exactly how a17 year old boy is going to perform as a 22 year old man is absurd. The best any run-of-the-mill program like WSU (or UW, OSU, UA, ASU, UO, etc.) can do is study hard on a kid and hope.

Oh, and as for the movie lines…if you’re a fan of Fletch, how about, “Now you prepare that Fetzer valve with some gauze pads and some anti-freeze! Preferably Prestone. No…no, make that Quaker State. And wash those windows, they’ve got filth and muck on them!”

Sedihawk said...

Agreed Couve, but the thing is, what else CAN we do but offer them younger and younger? If you do the Doba approach and wait until the end, well, it doesn't work so well. It's all the rage, and it isn't going away. I just wonder if it might backfire in a huge way in the coming years. This new offer-and-commit early is still fairly new (I believe Joe Pa at Penn State of all places started doing it a few years ago?). It just seems like the reward can be high if you get on a kid early, but the risk could outweigh it in the end.

GREAT Fletch line btw. "It's all ball bearings these days." We could probably do an entire post and comments on line after line after line...but that's ok. Everyone loves movies right?

Anonymous said...

Yep I think we all love Fletch - I especially like Fletch Lives "Billy Jean King Bugbusters - they breed by masterbation - can you hear that??" ;)

OK, my nephew is at the camp - he is being recruited by a lot of schools - I really hope WSU pursues him (6'5" 240lbs DL/OL/TE class of 2010) - if anyone is out there, he is big #99 in his blue Skyview HS (vancouver, wa) uniform - tell him his uncle Bill says hi ;)

Reno, NV

Anonymous said...

Oh crap, I meant Mountainview HS....what a bad uncle I am ;)
That is what happens when you spend 8yrs down here in Nevada removed from the PNW :(

Reno, NV
1994 WSU alum

'03CouveCoug said...

I know, Sedi, its pretty obvious that Doba’s “wait and offer” approach DID NOT WORK! I guess that I’m merely saying that for anyone to claim that they can predict what a 16-17 year old kid is going to do at 22 is a farce. But, you’re right, the early offer and commit is here to stay. However, I do also agree that it could really blow up in a school’s face in the not too distant future! Imagine if a school has 13 or 14 guys of a 25 guy class that they offered early wash out? Wait…that sounds familiar….

Billy, I’ll definitely keep an eye on your Nephew, as I’m a Vancouver resident! Hope that he has a great camp, a great football season and is a Cougar very soon!

Finally, “What kind of a last name is ‘Poon’ anyway?” “Comanche Indian!”

I could do this all day…

kaddy said...

Somebody step on a duck?

I'll admit to using that one myself several times...