Friday, May 15, 2009

The Waiting..

Greetings Cougar Nation. Hope you all had a good week.

Well, as promised--albeit one week late--here is the update I have on our progress to help the athletic department generate a grassroots campaign to help fund Martin Stadium:

Yep, just like Tom Petty, BH has been all dressed up with no where to go.

So, while we wait for a response from the Athletic Department (the waiting is truly the hardest part), I have a question for you all..

In my conversation two weeks ago with persons high up in the AD chain of command, I was told of their interest in directing our donations to the fund that provides scholarships to our student-athletes. The reason: the state budget cuts are dipping heavily into the coffers that fund the scholarships that we need to provide the breadth of athletic competition that is commensurate with a major conference like the Pac.

At first, I thought "no way." But, after thinking about it, I find myself warming up to the idea--at least a bit.

So, while we wait for an update, we would like to hear your "last word" on how you would like your money used to support Cougar Athletics. If we do the Martin Stadium thing, we would theoretically get quarterly information back from the WSU Athletic Foundation as follows:

1) Total gifts received
2) Total gifts pledged
3) Number of First Time Donors
4) Number of New Members to the Cougar Club (or whatever the hell its called)
5) Amount of money left to be raised.

If, however, we do the scholarship thing, we will track all of the above plus:

1) Number of scholarships provided to WSU student athletes.

Again, let us know what direction you would like to take. Its a big hill to climb anyway that we cut it. But, your wishes are our command.

Have a great weekend.


Sedihawk said...

I am down with whatever they want, scholarship fund or otherwise. That is, IF they want our help, or any other online site's help for that matter?

kaddy said...

I think Sterk & Co. need to decide what is needed most, so it's up to them. I personally want Phase III more than just about anything, but I know the scholarship fund is the MOST immediate need and cause for concern.

'03CouveCoug said...

It makes no difference to me. Like Kaddy, I am so ready for Phase III to be completed (which would seem to me to be the ultimate revenue problem-solver). Part of me also says that I’d like to see my donation directed to Football and Basketball, because that’s what I care about the most. Then again, I support ALL of our Cougar athletes, whether they’re rowers, golfers or runners.

I'll help with whatever is most necessary to the Athletic Dept. If the most immediate worry is scholarship funding, then so be it. Thanks again for getting this set-up, guys. You're truly great Cougs!

Nuss said...

Honestly, whatever the athletic department says is best is OK with us.

To me, it seems that donating to scholarships makes the most sense -- it's what's going to help the most right now; the revenue on the stadium wouldn't be realized for a number of years. And what helps the most right now is what's going to help people not lose their jobs right now. Plus, as anyone who has worked with donations knows, once you get them donating, it's not too tough to keep them donating, so once the scholarship need passes, those donations can simply be converted to stadium donations.

Anyway, just my 2 cents. We're absolutely still on board, whatever you guys decide.

Anonymous said...

NO WAY to the scholarship fund. I have zero interest in my money going to guys on the golf team or women rowers. I will give money to only to projects that benefit the Football program and the Men's Basketball program.

Anonymous said...

I dont get it, other sources and wikipedia says after phase 3 our seating will be 43,000 but i have also heard it is only like a 1,500 seat addition which would bring us to 36,600....anybody know how many seats are being added?

sedihawk said...

The math is off a bit. Phase III will only add about 2200 club seats, and those will rise aove the student section. Phase IV is supposed to add an additional 5000+ seats on top of that, in the east grandstands. So, taken the 35113 we seat now, add in the grand totals of both phases, and you can see where they get the 43K or so number.

KopravicaHater said...

No way I contribute to scholarships. I paid my way through college working my ass off; As far as I am concerned, Drew Bledsoe and Jason Gesser should have too.

Playing for the Cougs is a damn privilege, something I would have done for free if I had a shred of natural ability. No, my ability is in software design, so somehow that dictates I have to pay my way through and they don't.

If this goes to scholarships, you won't get a buck from me. If it's for the stadium project, or bringing back the Howitzer, or paying a coach to come to Pullman and win, I am in.

spo-town said...

Kopra is way off...but I too will only give to sportws that actually matter...FB and Men's Hoops...Everyone else can get by on thier own (or not)...losing the golf programs or the track teams would be absolutly fine with me

BornCoug said...

I agree with Nuss. There is nothing wrong with wanting to only support football and men's basketball. It is your money and you should decide where you want it to go.

Some things of note though. I believe we have to have 14 programs to remain D-1A. Right now I think we are at 15. With Title XI, there is no way a women's program is eliminated. That means Track, Cross Country, or even Baseball.

Football and men's basketball make money. Football basically supports the rest of the programs with men's basketball making it on their own. So the sports in need are outside football/men's basketball. Why does that matter? As someone noted, cuts could come to Athletic Department in the form of staff. If you want to have a competitive football/men's basketball then you have to consider the support system in place. I assume it already is smaller than most BCS programs.

The biggest thing to me is that as many people as possible donate. A $100 donation to the Athletic Foundation may make a bigger impact than that same $100 to the stadium project at least short-term. The stadium project is millions upon millions of dollars away where WSU is looking to make up just over a million due to the raise in tuition.

Anyway, just give. Obviously people on here are going to give. Find other Coug's and get them to give. Allow them to make their choice where they put their dollar. The important thing is to get more involved now.

Milky Jones said...

We should do a fundraiser or something lol....anyway im donated 50 bucks a month from now on, not a lot or anything but I wanna try to help out...

Stiffmiester said...

I am tired and wiped out from work and life. Right now I had chisel the wife to get the ok to buy the tickets for the tailgate party at the end of the month. Of course, steak and wine garuateed helped. but when things start picking up I pony up. What ever keeps us at a PAC10 level works. My "sources" say that what we have heard on this NY,NY reccomended rag are true. We need to step up and get to at least be in the ninth position or as Pappy Stiffmiester used to say "there wil be hell to pay."
BTW, after spending the weekend in OR I am thinking about rotting a few eggs if they make us look like the Quaks.

CougTat said...

I say we make it all about the Stadium. The school has the ability to contact all the alumni and make their own push to raise money for the Foundation and for Scholarships.

I want that stadium to get up to snuff and I think that it would be a more fitting focus for our fund raising efforts.