Friday, May 08, 2009

Rising Star Mackay Injured in Car Accident

In an incredibly sad story, rising redshirt frosh defensive end Cory Mackay was injured in a car accident last night near Washtucna, heading home to Redmond after wrapping up finals. Cougfan has more details here:

While some information is still trickling out, the good news is Mackay is listed in stable condition at Harborview. However there is some talk out there that Mackay may have suffered a serious back injury.

Pray for young Cory.


Anonymous said...

Does not sound good for Cory.

"State patrol supervisor Brad Hudson of Colfax said he was told by the investigating officer that Mackay's father had relayed information that his son had suffered a broken back but doesn't appear to have spinal-cord damage. That report could not be confirmed Friday night.

A nursing supervisor at Harborview said Mackay is in serious condition."

"Our thoughts and prayers are with Cory and his family at this time," WSU coach Paul Wulff said in a statement.


BornCoug said...

Well, it is good news that there is no spinal chord damage. Right now you just hope Cory is able to recover and lead a normal life.

My thoughts and prayers are with Cory and his family.

Chris '04 said...

This is an awful place to post this, but the NY Times gave this blog a shout-out in it yearly college football rankings blog:

Nice job, guys!

Sedihawk said...

No problem Chris. It is what it is with Mackay. Football aside, let's just hope he gets himself back to normal. What a terrible situation.

On the NY Times, actually I heard from the guy on Saturday and he asked if he could link to us. Of course we refused (just kidding).

What did you think of their write-up? I thought it was fair, but aiming a few notches too low? Maybe they are going too heavily off what happened last year, always the danger when doing a preview. But it certainly isn't a rosy view from across the country, is it?

Soze said...

Honestly, I thought it was spot on. A 2-win season this year would be a success in my mind, with a maximum of 4 dubs on the schedule. But I completely agree that wins/losses aren't going to matter, its all about how this team competes.

Sedihawk said...

Here's the link to the Times thing:

Without a doubt it's one of the more thorough previews you will find from a more national POV.

Still...2-10? I'm hoping for a few more than that. But that is why they play the games!

Longball said...

They are kinda high on Dan Wagner, but then... we tend to go through QBs like kleenex. Still no mention of JT, but Dan Wagner gets mentioned?

Sedihawk said...

Well, it's thorough...but not perfect! That was a little odd to see that about Wagner but nothing on JT, who very well could grab the job this fall. Maybe he was just going off the spring action, where JT was on crutches for the last part of the session?

And he also missed on Mattingly, saying he was all-conference as an end in '07 (?).

But man, there are almost 120 teams in their crosshairs, so to get a few things wrong is pretty realistic. Can you imagine having to write a huge preview on Utah State or Central Michigan? I don't know how you keep it all straight. We can barely keep up with our own roster, especially in the spring. But I was surprised at how much information was in there from the NY Times.

CougarMVP said...

Keep your head up Cory. All will be well and God has great plans for you man.