Friday, May 22, 2009

Bad News Friday?

It seems as if it's tradition in the business and political world to float "bad news" on Friday. You know, to hope that nobody is paying attention due to the weekend, that sort of thing? Maybe sneak something through that is controversial, but hope that it all fades from the public consciousness by the time Monday rolls around? But some not-so-good things have emerged in the WSU universe in the last few days.

First, Ryan Leaf. It just continues to "get away" from him, doesn't it? This time, indicted on burglary charges, controlled substances, etc, etc, etc. Not good.

We've all heard the knucklehead stories about Leaf, far too many to mention here. We have a friend who played golf with him at Coeur D' Alene once, and the guy was such an immature baby and he played so poorly that he walked off the course mid-round. There's another story of him getting completely bombed with Kerry Collins at a celebrity golf tournament several years ago, and not recognizing Johnny Unitas, told him "hey old man, GET ME A BEER!"

But Ryan Leaf is a difficult nut in the WSU universe. It's difficult because Leaf gave us all something special on the field in that breakthrough '97 season. If you are reading this, it is very likely you lived and died with that 1997 team, and were either at the Apple Cup in Husky Stadium or made it to Pasadena for the classic vs. Michigan. So much glory that year, and he was a gigantic part of school history.

When the bad news comes in bunches on the guy over the years, while it's tempting, we don't want to totally push him in front of the moving train. But at the same time, the guy has redefined the spoiled brat/super privileged who has blown it on every conceivable level that it boggles the mind. How could someone so talented, so lucky to have what he had, just piss it all away? Maybe someday he'll write a book (OK, he'll have someone write it for him) and shed some light on where it all went so wrong?

Meanwhile, the Cougs are losing a linebacker. Marshall Pirtz, a young, hard-hitting linebacker who was somewhat behind on the depth chart, is leaving WSU. NOTE - it's a premium article but the headline states he's "leaving for more playing time". Pirtz played on special teams last year in his redshirt frosh season, and recorded just four tackles on the year.

Pirtz signed as an undersized, somewhat overlooked prospect out of Boise. I still remember watching the recruiting film on Pirtz after signing day, and being awfully impressed with the kid. He was undersized, but could run, and flat-out HIT people with a passion. Doba loved him at the football dinner that year, throwing out the "he loves to hit with his face" line when describing him. Pirtz had put on some weight, and was up to 244 lbs in an effort to get ready to play the strongside linebacker position. Coming into spring he was listed as the backup to Andy Mattingly on the depth chart. But for whatever reason, it didn't quite work out. Good luck to Marshall.

Next, the stadium fund-raiser/scholarship effort. It continues to drag on and we do not have a final answer for you. I will leave it to BH to give a more extensive update, hopefully next week. Not bad least not yet....but it is what it is at this point, which is still not full-blown reality. Believe me when we say we are trying to get it going. But we will update you all when we get it figured out.

Anyone out there been reading Buster Sports? They have been writing a ton of new content on the upcoming PAC-10 season from Nick Daschel. His latest in his EIGHT part, "Five Things to Watch" segment says this about potentially the worst game for the upcoming season:

Here is all you have to know about the Sept. 19 game in Pullman between SMU and Washington State: combined, these two teams beat one Division I school in 2008. And that was an 0-12 Washington, by the Cougars, in double overtime.

It's awfully easy to look at the '08 records and dismiss both squads the following year. You know, they sucked last year, they'll suck again. I think we all believe that WSU is going to be better, maybe not in pure W/L record, but it will be a better product on the field. And I'm sure they believe the same thing at SMU. But whatever. It's preview season, and it's an easy choice for U-G-L-Y game of the year.

I guess he could have looked at the huge showdown of 2-win Idaho at winless UW on September 12th? Weren't those teams a combined 2-22? And WSU did in fact beat UW? Oh well.

Finally, some of you may have noticed it was a slow week around here. Well, that is sort of by design. First of all, it's May. There isn't a ton of Coug news out there. Second of all, we have lives too. I wanted to get the next "fish wrap" out there, but things come up. You know how it is. But don't sweat it, we aren't going away. At least not for a while.



Hooty McBoob said...

Ever stop to think what may have become of Ryan Leaf had he been drafted #1 and coached by Tony Dungy and Tom Moore - or even if Schottenheimer had arrived in SD before the Gilbride/Jones/Riley revolving door? Things that make you go hmmm?

Soze said...

Ok, I don't know what is going on behind the scenes, but this is ridiculous. Attention Washington State University: your alumni want to give you money. Stop dragging your feet.

I know there is probably something "more to the story" but christ... this is why we, as a university, struggle with everything. The WSU administration drags their feet.

Sedihawk said...

While I bet Leaf was going to bust no matter what, it's a good question. The Brett Favre story could have gone in an awful direction if he would have stayed with Glanville in Atl. The stories of his drinking were legendary his rookie year, so much so he was a no-show for the team photo or something like that. Getting him to Ron Wolf and Mike Holmgren was the best thing in the world for him, and other than his pain killer deal, he was brilliant. It does make you wonder what could have been. But I think Leaf is such a melon head that it may not have ever worked, no matter what.

Soze, it's not over yet. Let's see what happens in the next few days, at least after the weekend, then we'll probably announce something.

Lucas said...

I read Buster Sports quite regularly, and have mixed thoughts on Daschel; occasionally emailing him my thoughts.

Like earlier in the year when he said IT was more deserving of 1st Team All Pac instead of Taylor. Or this week when he passed up Andy Mattingly entirely on his list of Top 10 Pac 10 LB's (with an hon men list of ten more).

I called him out, to which he responded: "I think they're going to put him back as an end. As a linebacker, he's barely average. As a rush end, he's pretty good."

Then I laid the stats out for him: "Average in that the one year he started full time at OLB he was Honorable Mention All Pac 10 and 2nd Team All Conference by Phil Steele and, in a year where he registered 90+ tackles and 8 sacks? And pretty good as a DE where he had less than 40 tackles (started one or two games at LB) and one sack?"

While I loved his ranking Martin Stadium the second toughest stadium to play in besides Autzen. (Yes Nick, I was the reader who sent it to Ted Miller and he re-posted on his blog).

In all I appreciate his work on the conference, but question a lot of his stuff!

Anonymous said...

Wayyyyyy off-topic but have you seen what they are saying about the probable M's pick at number 2? Dustin Ackley at North Carolina is a nice consilation prize even though the Mariners will miss out on Strausberg. Peter Gammons has been comparing Ackley to Derek Jeter, Chase Utley, Joe Mauer. ME LIKEY!

kaddy said...

It's not like Leaf did this stuff yesterday, is it? Or am I wrong on this? Stuff that happened months ago, and he's now getting charged? Still bad, but it makes it sound like he did something stupid yet again, as in yesterday.

By the way Hawk - you've said "it is what is it" 78 times since January 1.

Lucas said...

Hawk obviously works for an employer who uses the term a lot. I've noticed I use words/phrases more or less depending on how the boss uses the words;
~deep dive
~it is what it is

Sedihawk said...

Why are you guys inside reading this crap on a day like this?? Hopefully you are viewing this on your iphone/blackberyy?? :)

It is what it is. Yeah, I do use that a lot. My boss uses it, so I do too. That was Mike Holmgren's favorite thing to say so I kind of copy him too.

Other things I hear and also say a lot of lately - Increasing revenue, billable hours, enhancing opportunity, embracing the challenge, etc. I find myself using those more and more and more....BUT IT IS WHAT IT IS! :)

So why is it as soon as Ryan Leaf screws up, it's immediately "WSU's own Ryan Leaf", like WSU is his first name? KIRO AM has been teasing their news with "Former Coug in trouble again". Don't seem to hear the news say "Former Husky Warren Moon was arrested again for DUI"? Instead it's former NFL QB or former Seahawk. Do they ALWAYS have to say former Coug Ryan Leaf? Couldn't they just say former Charger/Buc/Cowboy/Seahawk/NFL draft flop? It is almost like they delight in associating him with WSU.

Lucas said...

Hawk you should see the pissing match I am in on the message board for the Time's article on Leaf...

UW is quick to forget Reggie Rogers, Warren Moon, Reggie Williams, Jerramy Stevens, Jeremiah Pharms...

Christ, Leaf hasn't been found guilty of anything...yet

'03CouveCoug said...

Some of us are still trapped at work even though its beautiful outside.

Agreed, Sedi on the whole Leaf thing. Maybe they say that around Seattle to delight mutt honks, thus catering to their audience? Also, WSU is the only place Leaf had success, so it's what he's known for. If it makes you feel better, down here in Portland/Vancouver the local radio guys were just talking about it and they didn't mention WSU once. It was "former NFL bust Ryan Leaf," then the conversation devolved into a "Michael Vick will get a second chance because he's good and Leaf never did because he sucks," conversation. Good times.

Have a great weekend all, and be sure to take a moment to reflect on why we have Monday off sometime this weekend...better yet, thank a Veteran!

kaddy said...

Here are some more for you to ponder, that I hear a lot around the workplace:

Let's not boil the ocean.

We're going to be laser-focused.

From soup to nuts, it's all there.

Anonymous said...

@ #1
I hate to tell you, but if he had gone #1, he would have been coached by Jim Mora, and I don't think you get much help there. Dungy was still in Tampa Bay until 2001.

Anonymous said...

At least the Cougar Baseball team clinched a 2nd place finish in the Pac 10 with a win over the Huskies last night :) We're going to the World Series!