Friday, April 24, 2009

Will Gibson Get the Call Tomorrow?

Huge day for NFL hopefuls tomorrow. And the biggest name in the WSU universe is, rightfully so, Brandon Gibson.

We all know the story. The kid made a bit of a splash his first year, then exploded in years two and especially year three. Year four, 2008? Uh, yeah, like the rest of the program, we'll just gloss over that. It was bad, bad, bad. OK, injuries, QB issues, offensive line issues, new system, etc. It all rolled into one big ball of UGLY for 2008, and young Brandon wasn't spared.

But the good news is that tomorrow is a chance to turn it all around for Gibson. How does Gibby stack up with the mock drafts?

Well, if you believe in Mel Kiper, Gibson should be happy this weekend. Kiper's mock has Gibson landing in Atlanta as a fourth-rounder. Note - the ESPN article is a premium insider article, so, instead I've linked to an article that mentions Gibson in Kiper's mock draft. Atlanta could be a nice fit for Gibson. QB Matt Ryan is on the rise, it's in a dome so the atmosphere is nice and comfortable for at least eight games a year, and they are in the NFC "nascar" division so the weather should be quite comfortable down there.

Another mock draft has Gibson as a fifth-rounder, to Philly. Cold, sure, but Philly has the look of a major force next year. And having McNabb throw you the ball could be a very, very good thing.

Finally, one more mock has the Cowboys taking Gibson in the fifth round. Hmm, nice situation there with Romo. And a new stadium too, which is always cool.

So there you have it. There are a lot more mock drafts out there, but three is enough isn't it? Anyway, as a second day pick, Gibson will at least get a look by someone to play on Sunday. But even if he follows the Bumpus route and goes practice squad for his first year, that's still not a bad gig if you can get it.

One thing that would be pretty cool is to think of the starting trio of WR's on the WSU roster in 2006 - Jason Hill, Michael Bumpus, and Brandon Gibson. If Gibson makes a team next season, and Bumpus can stick with the Seahawks, that's all THREE starting WR's from the 2006 team on an NFL roster. Could that '06 version of the WSU WR's be the best in school history?

Moving on, it's gotten really ugly with the senate bill SB6116. Ugly in that WSU is squarely taking a lot of the blame, if you read some of the comments at (be warned, it's not pretty!). And so ugly that senator Ed Murray, one of the sponsors of the bill, has actually amended his bill to fight the use of funds for athletic department purposes. In other words, Murray is so frustrated by the loud WSU fans fighting this thing that he went out of his way to amend his own bill to try and hurt WSU.

But after all the noise we've made about this, including a banner flying over Oly saying fight the bill? Again, we're the easy targets. Even if YOU didn't fight this thing or are basically "whatever dude", because of the colors you wear and/or where you went to school, you will get blamed.

Finally, there could be some news coming on the Apple Cup. That's all we're saying. Stay tuned.



ATLCoug said...

1. Those 3 wideouts, in hindsight, are probably the best to be playing at same time on one WSU team. (and was the most frustrating thing to see those guys with Jerome Harrison and Brink be SO explosive but still lose because of terrible D!)
2. I have decided I would let Huskies have Stadium if it meant getting new Seattle Center/NBA team.
3. I love NFL draft day and would not mind seeing Gibson in ATL. They have Matt Ryan and just got Gonzo from Cheifs. Should be good offense.
4. Same with Apple Cup. Move to qwest for more Cash. You know, it actually could turn into a GOOD thing. A big event. just wish tailgating was better.

ATLCoug said...

MAN!. i just read what the 'addendum' to that BILL was! This is from Seattle Times:

So today, Murray drafted an amendment he says he'll propose to the state operating budget -- an amendment that would force the WSU boosters to live with the consequences of a no-public-money-for-stadiums philosophy.

The amendment reads:

"No state funds, tuition revenues, or student fees shall be used to pay for the operating expenses of intercollegiate athletic programs at any of the public research universities within the state. Any state funds or tuition revenues currently being used for this purpose shall be used for academic instruction."

That's targeted at WSU's athletic department, which, according to spokesman Bill Stevens, receives about $2 million a year from the university (or about 8 percent of the athletic department budget.)

It also could make trouble for Wazzu's Martin Stadium renovation project, which is being funded in part with student fees of $25 a semester for undergrads. WSU students voted to accept the fees in 2006 to help pay for the stadium.

"I have heard the message loud and clear, state taxes should not be used for sports," Murray told me tonight

What a petty thing to do. And no idea if it will grow 'legs' but how can you pass a state law to ban WSU from using Student Fees for Athletics? Is it an empty threat?

Sedihawk said...

Who knows what this Murray is up to. Why would you amend a "dead bill"...unless it truly isn't dead? I have a feeling somehow, someway, something is going to pass by the end of the weekend.

Hooty is right, in the other post. We just had 4 BILLION in budget cuts announced, including education. And we're bickering about tax dollars on sports stadiums? Amazing.

Hooty McBoob said...

We need to get our priorities straight. If it meant I never got so see another collegiate or professional sporting event in this state, I'd vote this down.

When you start putting entertainment - FUCKING ENTERTAINMENT!! - above public education, it's time to step back and reevaluate our priorities.

The fact that we have elected officials pushing for this right now is absolutely astonishing to me. To propose or back something like this in the face of monstrous budget cuts to CRITICAL state services SHOULD be career suicide. Unfortunately, our society is so far out of whack that we'd rather be able to take our kids to a ballgame than get them a decent education - and we don't hold our government accountable.

This is not a WSU vs UW issue. EVERY citizen of this state should be absolutely OUTRAGED!

kaddy said...

This Ed Murray is a piece of work - how does a guy like that get elected to office?

KopravicaHater said...

I'm still going with the Fab Five as the best WR core the Cougs have ever had.

The difference? The Fab Five were winners.

Sure, the '06 three can place all the blame for their lack of bowl games and conference losing on Alex Brink. Its unfortunate--would have liked to see what those three could have done with a real quarterback!

Good luck Gibson!

Anonymous said...

mcboobe has it all right... this is just a joke. It's also frustrating to me that the money from the qwest field apple cup would go back to the athletic dept (am i worng on this one?) As a student, and I am speaking for all of us, why do we get straight up f*cked with the tuition increases and yet all this "extra" money gets sent right back to football. I am a huge football fan and sit through all games cheering (even the 08 season).

Senator ed "mad man" murray is straight out of his mind. as a TAXPAYER, he is wrong and there is no other way to say it. I don't understand how this bill is still alive...