Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Nice! Hooray team Tiger, hooray Masters. And thanks to "Woody" for the heads-up. I like the showing of the colors in random places. Who doesn't? And where is ATLCoug??.

I know he went to Stanford, but cool of him to support the Cougs by putting on the hat for a shot. I guess...a Tiger.....wait for it....can change his stripes? MMMMMM??


Woody said...

Thanks for the pub Sedi.

Glad to contribute.

Go Cougs


Stefen said...

you guys should post an email address to send pics like this to, make it a regular thing. "logo in random location"

Sedihawk said...

GREAT idea! We have an e-mail address for anything/everything. It's (pretty creative?).

Actually any pics you think are cool, feel free to share.

We just added a true WSU Football Blog profile on Facebook, and we'll post pics and stuff there as well.

Stefen said...

nice, i'll keep my eyes open for random logo sightings.

also, here's a link to a cougar pub crawl in ballard for any seattle area cougs who might be interested. sounds like a pretty cool time.

Longball said...

I love random Coug Logo sightings. Last summer I was in Brooklyn, standing on the corner of Smith and Dean, and Old Crimson was flying proud from the roof of an apartment on the corner. I wept.

Stefen said...

i was in Paris a couple years ago and walked out of a train stop up to a little market/square thing and some french kid was wearin a hat across the way. so i yelled "GO COUGS!!" at him, he looked at me like i was nuts and kept walking. pretty cool though

Sedihawk said...

"The Ken Bone Era is underway at Washington State University. Let the sophomoric jokes begin. Wait, they already have. Want proof? Just tool around the WSU blogosphere. Couldn’t see that coming, could you? Oh well. Maybe it will die down by October. Anyhow, we have links. Read on."

Grippi hates us. Oh well.

Soze said...

Anytime I leave the state of Washington, I bring Cougar gear specifically looking for other Cougs in random places.

How about this example: infield of the Kentucky Derby, I ran into some Cougar attire and ended up drinking Mint Juleps all day with them.

God I love being a Coug.

kaddy said...

Wife and I were in Hamilton, New Zealand, on the North Island, and we went to a rugby match. Walking up to the stands, wearing my Coug hat, of course, and some guy yells Go Cougs! Turns out he and two other buddies had just graduated and were down there student teaching.

Also -
In Sydney on a company trip, and we start seeing WSU shirts and sweatshirts all over the place. The Concierge turns out to be a husky, and he said that WSU gear was the latest fad down there. The prior year it was Harvard gear...go figure.

Sedihawk said...

Wait....Kaddy, New Zealand for a rugby match? Sydney? You are so effing money!

I have tried the "go cougs" whenever I see it on the road, and to be honest I get a mixed bag. Sometimes I get a thumbs-up or a smile, other times they look at me like I'm trying to sell them something. Kind of weird.