Saturday, April 25, 2009

Aaron Curry!

WE LOVE THIS! Welcome to Seattle Aaron Curry. And your Madden ratings look pretty good? Although I think the "zone coverage" rating can come up a bit.

Look at the video and let your eyes be the judge:

He's a high-character kid as well, bringing along with him a leukemia survivor to the NFL draft events in NYC. To see his tears of joy when he hugged his Mom, wow, that's a fantastic moment. There has been a ton of good press that Curry is one special guy.

On the field, with Julian Peterson out of the picture, you just couldn't find a better fit for the Hawks. Mel Kiper and Todd McShay gave the choice a solid "A", for all the right reasons. And already says this is the best pick of the first round, giving the Curry selection their highest grade so far. Even though GM Tim Ruskell has now said they gave serious consideration to Mark Sanchez at #4, in the end they made the right choice for a pick who will play from day one. And to think of Leroy Hill, Lofa Tatupu, and now this guy joins the mix? Welcome Aaron Curry!

Finally, the spring game was today. With so many front-line guys or projected starters out, including the likely top two QB prospects for next year, well, even the idea of a scrimmage didn't really move the needle did it? The offense got ONE TD on the day, a 38-yd catch by TE Andrei Lintz. But Lintz's 38 yards on that one catch actually led the team in receiving yards for the entire day. All in all, not the most exciting spring game ever. As Grippi said in his morning post, now that it's all over, time to heal, get stronger, and develop some leadership over the next three months before things get real in August.

Grippi did point out a good read by John Blanchette in the SR. Blanchette rips senator Ed Murray for his petty jab at the WSU loudmouths. Check it out here.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and GO COUGS!


Stiffmiester said...

B Gib to Philly in the sixth!

calebcherry said...

Of course I would have loved to see B-Gibs have gone much higher... but my take on the draft is that if you're going below the third round is that its not necessarily how high you go but WHERE you go.

I'm not a Philly insider, but I do get the feeling that the organization and coaching staff area about fielding the best team possible. With that in mind... I think that more often than nought... coming from WSU makes you play with a chip on your shoulder (especially a member of last years team)... I like Gibson's chance of making the team out there on the east.

Not sure about the contract situations of anyone other than Jackson... that obviously will have an impact on his regular season potential.

Lets just hope he represents WSU well and puts all of his athletic ability on display this pre-season!

ATLcoug said...

Not that I read the Husky blog often, but this looks promising:

Sedihawk said...

Hey ATL, that could be good for Key Arena, IF they in fact do head for a special session. It looks likely now that they will, if you believe the latest news.

But that amendment has some awfully strong "multipurpose public arena" language.

It looks now to plainly say after the bonds for Safeco are retired, direct the money to Seattle Center/Key. But we'll see. There is no guarantee it will even see the light of day in a special session. But whatever happens, it's going to be awfully tight in the state in the coming days. The cuts they made are staggering. Tough, tough times.