Thursday, March 12, 2009


Cougs' NCAA hopes officially die tonight at the hands of the Bruins.

(Anyone else think that this felt a BIT like our North Carolina game last year??)

Baynes wound up playing well while Thompson had the EXACT same type of game that he had @USC a few weeks back.

As well as Tony coached us the last three weeks, tonight was his worst.

The match-up of Taylor v. Shipp was inexplicable and his adjustments didn't work (were there adjustments?)

Lets hope we've done enough for the NIT. Arizona's potential drop from the dance does NOT help.


Sedihawk said...

They looked tight early, and not that I know but when you get good looks and it doesn't go down, makes you wonder if they were tight/tired/whatever. But that 21-0 run was painful. It felt very much like that 2nd half run AZ put on us in Tucson, when we had a 9-pt lead that turned into a double-digit deficit.

I also think UCLA was ready for us. Playing in LA, fresh legs, pro-Bruin crowd, and a little angry from losing to us before? Not a good mix.

Today's doesn't like us. They have us out, unless a strong showing in the Pac-10 tourney. One win over Oregon may not be enough.

So, if it's CBI or nothing, what do you think? It already sounded in the past that Sterk would seriously consider taking a pass on the CBI if we were "awarded" a home game based on the financial loss it would cause the department.

In my mind? LET THEM PLAY. Take any postseason action you can get. Casto, Thompson, Capers, these are our new "big three" and any extra basketball at this point will only benefit them. Going to any postseason tourney is like a bowl game in football. You get the extra practices, the experience, etc. Not that I'm going to write a 50K check to WSU athletics to help cover the losses though....but let them play!

bill gray said...

Agreed. Bennett should have put Capers on Shipp, Taylor on Collison, Kopravica on the bench. I don't know that it would have helped us shoot any better. Tony seems to have a different philosophy this season about calling time outs during 21-0 runs. He just let's them continue to hang themselves with desperate shots and poor possessions. I'd love to hear an explantion as to why.

DR BEEPER said...

This was never a tourney team. A middling .500 team at the end of the day. The bridge to nowhere was the frosh were too wet behind the ears and the seniors were OK not great on the low-weaver sense. Too bad but the faster you accept reality and not throw coach under the bus the better off you will be.

Nuss said...

I don't disagree with the sentiment, but I do disagree with one thing: Arizona's drop from the Tournament has no effect on our NIT chances. If Arizona is down, that necessarily means that someone who would have otherwise been in the NIT is up.

Either we're one of second 25 or so teams in the country, or we're not. Arizona has nothing to do with that.

Longball said...

That game was barely watchable. This team definately has a problem finishing at the rack and last night was a brutal example of that. If Baynes wasn't flushing it, it wasn't going in. From where I was sitting we were shredding that UCLA defense to ribbons and missing open layups all night, so I am not going to jump on the UCLA played SO GOOD bandwaggon. We have never had that many stuffs in a game and we were beating them in the rebounding game too. Just an abysmal shooting performance and nothing more. I'm sorry, but when Klay is missing wide open 3's it has nothing to do with the defense. As far as them getting physical and bothering our shots, ummm no. We were the physical team and were dominating the paint. How many stuffs did Oboya have on Baynes? How many offensive rebounds did they have in the first half? We were better in every aspect of the game except finishing EASY shots.

BH said...


You are right in the mathematical sense. But what I think you are not considering is how many teams the NIT feels obliged to take from each conference. And, that is important because the NIT usually tries to have some semblance of regional balance which, in this case, could either help or screw us.

If its always been three that the NIT wants from the Pac-10, then I think we're fine.

If its two, then if USC loses tonight and AZ doesn't make the dance, then we're out.

Mr. Beeker:

This HAS been a real up and down year for not only the players, but for Tony.

And you are right, we weren't an NCAA team, not only because of last night, but because of losses to USC, LSU, and OSU when we had good leads in the last ten minutes.

But as WELL as Tony coached the last three weeks, he coached just as bad last night. And that's just sports. Last night was a case of bad shooting AND bad coaching.

I'm not throwing T-Bone under the bus...yet

sedihawk said...

Probably just a "routine emergency" Dr Beeper?

I don't think I agree on the blanket "we're not a tournament team" assessment. Were we a tourney team for some of the year? No, certainly not. There were home leads coughed up vs OSU and USC, leads that tourney teams hang on to. The home depantsing at the hands of the huskies and bulldogs was pretty awful in every possible way.

But at the end of the year? Yes, I think we improved after that Beav loss to become a bubble team. The finishing kick with the UCLA, desert schools and grinder at UW shows that they had turned a corner of sorts. I tip my hat to TB for that finish. So many teams, sitting at 5-9 and a realy tough final part of the schedule, would have just laid down at that point. Instead he got them to dig deep and made the last few weeks very interesting/entertaining to say the least! But it was far too little, far too late.

Nuss, your Grady made a good point about the downer of a CBI home game. Not only would it be in front of what, 2 people due to spring break?? But the last home memory for some would be to prefer to remember Rochestie's money shot as the lasting memory of this year. Instead of losing to a Valpo in a tourney nobody wants to play in, in front of nobody. But even Sterk himself has said they would seriously consider passing in it if offered a home game. COME ON NIT! :)