Saturday, March 28, 2009

WSU Football Blog Updates

Nice, epic FAIL by those Zags? And what is a Zag exactly? Oh well. I have to agree with BH's assessment after the game, that they were soft, soft, soft. And as Nuss pointed out after watching them in Portland last week, they looked undisciplined with the basketball, as well as lacking a commitment to the defensive end. It all spelled blowout city.

Here's a question for Coug fans - did YOU find yourself rooting for Gonzaga? Or are they too much of a rival now that you root against them? And I wonder what this does to Mark Few's star? You never overreact to one game when analyzing a coach, and it is admirable with their run of NCAA appearances. But was last night an example of 1) Few's got some weaknesses, big-time, or 2) Gonzaga is a nice, competitive program who is the king of the mid-major, yet will never become the powerhouse they aspire to be?

Few's been bandied about quite a bit for the Oregon job, but of course, that job has to actually come open. We'll see.

So, we made some changes around here. First of all, you may notice the new web address. No longer limited to "", the new address is officially "". Things are transitioning over this weekend, so you may see some weirdness over the next couple of days. In the meantime the regular address should work just fine.

For the new address, you can type in, you can type just , it doesn't really matter. You can even use the old-school, and still get here. That old address will always work. You will just get redirected to the new URL. But you might want to update your bookmarks or favorites or whatever.

We also cleaned up our news feed a bit. It was a little clunky and some unrelated stories were showing up, so we ditched it. Instead, we now have a WSU widget to the immediate top-right of the site. Click on the "menu" button, and you will see all the RSS feeds that are available from around the 'net. Click on the arrow buttons at the top of the widget to see the different news sections. It's cleaner and more precise to get all your WSU news. We will be adding other RSS feeds going forward, but it's entirely up to you which news feeds you want to see.

Finally, the photo contest. Yes, it's over as far as submitting photos. We will have a post shortly to show off the final five choices, and YOU will get to vote on the finalists. Should be fun?

That's it for a quick post today. Enjoy your weekend, and as always, GO COUGS!


BMels said...

I will refrain from using the word hate as its reserved for the sled dogs but the Zags come in a real close second. Cannot stand their basketball team or their fans. Yeah they have a respectable program and all that but it doesn't mean I have to like them. I root against them at all times almost no matter what the situation. I get sick and tired of hearing about them all the time and will somebody please tell me why Pargo was on the cover of SI this week? What the hell did that guy do? Is my profound distaste unreasonable, probably but I was certainly happy to see them get blown out!

Sedihawk said...

I don't think I hate them. But I certainly don't find myself rooting for them. I'm definitely more "meh" than anything else. Being a Spokane kid, I was thrilled when they broke through at the beginning of the decade. But that was when our hoops program was in the dumper, so it was easy to jump on their bandwagon. I know several UW alums who felt the same way. No longer.

Soze said...

As someone that lives in Spokane, I get sick and tired of ignorant Gonzaga followers preaching about how great their defense is (based on PPG allowed stats solely) and how the Zags, despite never doing anything in the tourney this decade, are always under-seeded. From what I hear from a pal that lived in Boise, its not as bad as the Broncos fans but its still bad enough to make my ears bleed. I enjoy every Gonzaga blow-out loss as if its my 21st birthday all over again.

Jenkins said...

Out of West Coast, Washington, and Eastern Washington loyalty, in ascending order, I root for the Zags against everyone other than the Cougs. They have some annoying, ignorant fans, to be sure, but so do all successful programs. As a general matter, I believe that their success is a good thing for the state and, in particular, Spokane. Not much harm in that, and potential for indirect benefit, other than when they get recruits that might otherwise have gone to WSU.

Chris '04 said...

I've been rooting for the Zags since the late 90's when I moved to Spokane. I'm not a "fan", per se, but I will almost always root for them unless they are playing the Cougs. Their fans have gotten a little obnoxious, but the fans don't play the games (However, Seahawk Fan, you are a different story).

On a side note, I sat next to Jeremy Pargo on a flight from Minneapolis to Spokane in late December. He was on his was home from Chicago and I was coming back from Pittsburgh. He was a nice guy, we chatted for a bit. But you could tell he was still ticked about the recent loss to Portland State.

Milky Jones said...

Just thought I should let you all know 5 cougars got suspended.

Sedihawk said...

Thanks Milky. I think we knew about these 4 joining Pellum when practice started but the details haven't been made clear as to why. Cougfan, Grippi, Stalwick, nobody has the dirt as far as we have heard.

Chris '04 said...

BTW, I just thought I'd mention that UNC beat us by exactly the same amount last year (21). So, maybe you should recant the "epic fail" portion of this blog post.

Sedihawk said...

Appreciate the mention of the losing margin Chris, but what does it have to do with anything? So they lost by the same margin of 21 points to the same team, so what? Both losses were failure.

I admit I picked the Zags to beat Carolina, thinking this was the year for them. Maybe the epic fail was on me for being blind to their shortcomings to think they were good enough. I am no hoops analyst, but I think the overall sense of the diehard Zag fans after this one has been of big-time disappointment in a barometer type game like this. The epic fail is partly about coming up short against a major opponent, and partly the way to describe the fan feeling right now.

Howie Stalwick wrote about this reality check for Gonzaga. It's a good read. You should check it out.

Chris '04 said...

Just an observation, and inference if you will.

In one post you exclaim the greatness of all things Coug, and then in another you chastise another team for doing the EXACT same thing we did last year. Same round, same score, same team.

All I ask for is consistency ;-)

kaddy said...

The thing that bothers me the most is that we are now second fiddle in eastern WA. I hate all the Cougar alums that jumped on the bulldog bandwagon. I honestly think that their success hurts WSU - maybe I'm wrong. How many times have we heard an announcer say "How on earth did Casto get away from Gonzaga?" Like no one in their right mind would possibly choose WSU over them.

Sedihawk said...

Ya know Kaddy, I have to admit it was an easy bandwagon to jump on back around 99-2000. They were the total little engine that could, and WSU hoops was horrible. That great 8 run with Richie Frahm was awfully special. But today, not so much. Like a lot of people, I wonder if they are at their ceiling as a WCC team?

Memphis is a prime example, only at a higher level than the Zags. While they play a lot of heavyweights, they are in a weak conference. They have been to one Final Four in the Calipari era (who is about to bail for Kentucky today!), but that's it. I wonder like everyone else if ultimately the conference is just an anchor for GU? But then again, what options do they have? Big Sky? Pac-10? Sun Belt?? Who the heck knows.

Lucas said...

I jumped on the Zags bandwagon in high school. Partly because it was easy to do, but I also had an older cousin attending GU. But now, I cannot stand them. They think just because they pay $30K a year to attend a school that they're superior. They also play in an extremely weak conference. It is always Gonzaga and one other team that are decent in the WCC. T

My tipping point was during our game with them this year. I was enjoying the game with some WSU and GU friends at Rock Bottom in Bellevue. One of my GU buddies had this chick who joined our table. As the game crept into blow out stages, this broad had the balls to tell me that "Well at least Oregon State is in your conference."

She is lucky I wasn't drunk, because I have no filter when I am. I would have emotionally scarred her beyond repair.

Now my UW friends and I enjoy rooting for GU to fail at every turn.