Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wanna Get Screwed?

Sure seems like the message that the NCAA sent St. Mary's today.

First, they leave them waiting at the alter of the Big Dance. Then, they stick them with a game against a WSU team that would have been dangerous in the NCAA's. For them, the match-up is a big stinkin "Yuck."

As Vince and company already have posted, the Gaels lost ONE game at home this year--to the Zags by two.

So, they're tough.

That said, when bubble teams have their bubble's burst on Selection Sunday, their motivation to move on often goes with it--and they often TANK first round NIT games.

However, St. Mary's matches up VERY well with us (and vice versa) so it should be a heck of a game.

That said, if we advance, does South Carolina or San Diego State scare you?

They sure don't scare me.

Simply put: win on Tuesday and I think we're heading to New York.

Lets go get em.


Daniel said...

I agree that if we win on Tuesday it'll be tough to keep us out of MSG. But as you said, our first game will be tough on their court. I'm not sure a lot of us Cougs will be making the trip down to Cali.

Sedihawk said...

St Mary's has a legit gripe. They are in the discussion of biggest screw-job by the committee. The weak WCC dragged their butts down though, and that's probably why AZ's 60+ rpi is in while St Mary's 50 rpi is out.

Either they lay down and are too devastated by this, or they unleash their anger and blow us out of the building. What I wonder is what their home crowd will be like. Are they even going to care? Will they sell out the place? We'll find out tomorrow!

AtlantaCoug said...

Looking at the NIT Bracket, I think that NIT is loaded with pretty good teams. And it makes me like the arguement I have hard in the past of changing the format of the NCAA tournament to add one more game..or basically include 128 teams. Do away with NIT and CBI, still include all your conference champs and cinderellas but also include any BCS school who is any good.

And I am very worried about tomorrow. Road game (though we play well on road) against a St. Mary's team that got dissed and will have everything to prove. Not ideal.

Stiffmiester said...

As much as the UCLA game pained me to watch, It may help the boys in preparation and rest for those tired legs to have gotten the second round exit from the Pac10 tourney. I am just glad that we get see them play again. This will also season the youngsters for next year and keep the tradition of post season play alive.
Go Cougs!

Chris '04 said...

No way we win this game. We are one-and-done.

Soze said...

Chris '04... just wondering, why? I've only seen St. Mary's a few times this year (~4-5 times) and every game they've either shot lights out or missed everything. They take terrible shots from the field and I'm figuring that our defense could hinder the scoring with their terrible shot selection.

I like Baynes to completely dominate this game with 20-10, Klay getting his 15 and Rochestie having a 10-10 type game?

But again, I'm a Coug and probably completely biased because I think the WCC is a glorified "Greater Spokane League."

Jack Meoff said...

"no way we win. one and done"


Mississippi State

The only thing not done is your ongoing negativity. Saying WSU has no way to beat a WCC team that just lost by 25 at home is re-dam-diculous!

Chris '04 said...

"The only thing not done is your ongoing negativity."

Oh, and the fact that I'm 100% justified. Don't pretend like Weaver, Lowe, and Cowgill are gonna run out of the locker room for pre-game introductions. Last year's Cougs vs this year's Gaels; we kill them. However, this isn't an Xbox game and fantasy's don't come true. They are gonna eat the Cougs for lunch in Marago.

Anonymous said...

OK, let's compare....

1. St Mary's got drilled by 25pts against the Zags last week.....WSU lost by 22 early in season (wash)

2. St Mary's beat Oregon by 5pts, WSU beat Oregon three times by 12, 29, and 22 (advantage Cougs)

3. St Mary's beat one top25 team (Utah State), WSU beat 3 (UCLA, ASU x2)...(advantage Cougs)

4. Approximately half (7) of WSU's losses are to top25 teams - St Marys only played 2 top25 all year (wash?)

5. St Mary's lost to Portland by 18(not Trailblazers), WSU lost to Oregon St (wash)

6. St Mary's gets to play at home (advantage Gaels)

Anyway, I am not seeing anything to justify an automatic win for St Marys??......I think this will be a very good/competitive game.....why no love?? ;)

Reno, NV

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does it seem like half of the St Mary's team are from Australia??....I wonder how well Baynes knows some of these guys and what he can relay to teammates/coaching about them??
Also, does St Mary's run a 3-guard system?.....anyone know?.....besides their 6'11" center, they seem small......I would think we would have a good height advantage on them....and Patty Patty (is he Irish? - joking) Mills might be a very good player but how is he any better than Collison or Isiah Thomas or OJ Mayo of last year?? Anyway, I am not worried - we hung in against the best team in the nation Pittsburg (yes, they will win ;) - why don't the Cougs deserve some credit for a change??
BTW, congrats to WSU for winning the college b-ball game breaking moment of the year.....

Go Cougs and Happy early St Patricks Day,

'03CouveCoug said...

Wow Chris ''re entitled to your opinion and all, but geez! I certainly don't see them getting blown out, and that alone certainly implies that we have a good chance in this least 50-50.

Sports must not be very much fun for you, judging by your pessimism.

Chris '04 said...

"Sports must not be very much fun for you, judging by your pessimism."

Naw, sports are great for me, brother. Stillers got #6, Pens were in the Finals, Memphis is once again dialed and ready to make another run at the title, and my poor beloved Bucco's are, well, gonna lose a ton of games. But that's the only bleak spot. I'd say this Coug team well exceeded my expectations (especially in Pac10 play) but, alas, their time has come to an end.

bill gray said...

I don't think San Diego State, (RPI 34), will be a cakewalk either. I think the Cougs will have solid, challenging matchups the entire way--but there is no team in the field we can't beat, and I think were we to play a 7-game series against any team in the field, we should win ever series.

Soze said...

Chris '04, I'm still wondering what makes you think the Cougs will get ran in the bay area? St. Mary's doesn't have an answer for Baynes, and minus Patty Mills, the Cougs are decisively better at every position. Am I wrong?

On top of that, I haven't seen Patty Mills play well since his return, so maybe we've got the edge there as well?

'03CouveCoug said...

Okay Chris '04...glad to hear that. Here's hoping that our beloved Cougs exceed your expectations a few more times this season!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris '04.

FUCK the Steelers.

#6 is really #5. The one you count as #5 is ours.

sedihawk said...

We can probably live without the F-BOMB? Something like F*CK or EFF or phuck, something along those lines? Much more fan-friendly. Thanks though.

One more thing on the Steelers. Apparently there was an article written at Fox Sports basically calling out their 70's run as a fraud in that they were the biggest steroid abusers in the NFL at that time. But it was a different time back then, and if you ever saw/read North Dallas 40 you would know that anything with a needle and a promise to make you play better was cool. But nobody can ever take away their Super Bowls. They are right there among the best NFL teams ever.

Good work Billy Blaze on the St Marys/WSU comp. Those comments could almost be a post in and of itself.

NFL-related, but did anyone see big, bad Julius Peppers is getting traded to New England for a 2nd-rounder? He'll play outside in their 3-4 defense. His size and athleticism out in space? FRIGHTENING.

Chris '04 said...

"Hey Chris '04.

F*** the Steelers.

#6 is really #5. The one you count as #5 is ours."

Alright dude, you keep living in that meth induced fantasy world. Until you get sober, stay over there at the kiddie table. The adults are talking.

Michelle said...

BH, I want to know your pick and reasoning for the game! I love the depth and detail you go into when telling us why you think we will win or lose...

And please don't just say something along the lines of "no way we win this game-We are one and done" with no justification behind your pick....

Anonymous said...

Yes, Julius Peppers to my New England Patriots - awesome, thanks for the news!! ;)

Now, Seahawks/Steelers SB was 2002-2003 correct? that was back in the Mike Price days....seems like such a long long time ago....anyway, Seattle had their chance - so did Arizona (99yd fumble return did them in) - Steelers just do what they do - steal games ;)

My prediction for the game tonight is 67-59 WSU over St.Marys.......I just hope ESPN2 does not switch too much back and forth between our game and the Nebraska-New Mexico and San Diego St/Weber St games.......

Happy green-day Cougs,
Reno, NV