Sunday, March 15, 2009

NIT Time

Thanks to SC's miracle run, we are headed to the NIT.

The bid is TOTALLY locked up now that Arizona is in the Big Dance.

BH's prediction: Round 1 at either St. Marys or San Diego State.

Meanwhile, the draw is HORRIBLE for the UW who I don't think will make it out of the first weekend.

CAL who I penciled in to KILL Michigan State will face Memphis in Game 2 and will LOSE.

Out of all the teams, AZ has the best chance to make it to the second weekend.


Gonzaga's draw is GREAT. Look for a total THRILLER between them and UNC in the Sweet 16.

We'll be back later once the match-up is announced..


Longball said...

Couldn't agree less about UW. While MSU is a tough 13 seed, with the game in Portland UW will roll in front of a home crowd. Next up, Purdue does not have the guns to hang with the Dawgs. Sorry Boilers.

The realy bad draw... UCLA. Getting shipped all the way to Philly to play VCU. Ick. I think they get past VCU just because of their tourney experience, but after that it is a tough row to hoe.

Sedihawk said...

Good call BH. St. Mary's it is: