Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hawks Punt Peterson, Nab Redding

After a down season where he had a mere five sacks, and then refusing to take a pay-cut, Julian Peterson is gone. He'll be hauling the hot tub full of ladies back to DETROIT, the winless wonders of the midwest. Even though it's FREEZING out there in the winter, well, something tells me you won't have too much trouble keeping warm....Good luck JP.

Meanwhile, defensive tackle Cory Redding comes to Seattle. Redding was a tough player at Texas, and then played well early in Detroit, enough to get a 7-year, $49 million dollar deal from the Lions. But injuries slowed him down last year, making him suddenly available. Here's a good scouting report on him from Detroit. He did have eight sacks a couple of seasons ago, which is pretty impressive from the defensive tackle spot.

Overall I'd say it's a good match. Peterson gets to go back to his roots, after all he did play at Michigan State and has family back east. Meanwhile Redding walks into a situation where he will be part of the tackle rotation immediately, with Brandon Mebane and newly-signed Colin Cole. Major upgrades inside for the Hawks.

You also have to wonder what this means for draft day and the #4 pick. Many people are now saying that Aaron Curry, the linebacker from Wake Forest, might be the top player in the draft. There was an article on Friday about Curry and whether or not Seattle would be interested. Suddenly the Hawks have a need, don't they? He sure looks big-time.

He can even have #59! We'll see though. A lot of the mock drafts don't see him making it to the #4 spot. Fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

Holy moly. What a SUPERSTAR! Look at how he takes on offensive tackles and not only stands his ground but fights through and makes textbook tackles. What a player, RUSKEYLL TRADE UP AND GET HIM NO MATTER WHAT YOU DORK!

Anonymous said...

Peterson changed his number to #98 last season.

tru23 said...

Right and like he said 59 is available. What a lame comment. Tanks fur sharin'.

Anonymous said...

So what was the point of posting #59 is open you smart ass? Why not #2 or #4? BITCH GET OUT

Sedihawk said...

Wow, arguing over a number? OK then.

All I know is if they draft Curry, he can wear whatever the hell he wants! That guy is a beast. Hopefully he is there at 4.