Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Never had to post something like this before....but....ENOUGH of the Nik-trashing on the previous post comments. It's as if he's morphed from being "ok" to some super evil genius/mastermind who single handedly threw the game on Saturday.

We encourage your comments here. We always have, and we always will. And I'm not Nik's biggest fan, nor will I even attempt to spell his last name. But enough already. It's over, it's done, move along.



Stiffmiester said...

I didn't get to see the game as I was called up to Spokavegas on an emergency repair but in listening to the radio it sounded like the boys were just going for another of their cardiac finishes. I found some interesting links on another site that showed Overton's grab and trip show though. That is a guy that just flat out bugs me. We should arrange a meeting with Hooty after a couple of adult beverages and he can give the punk his patented Apple Cup elbow.

Longball said...

A-men, Sedi.

Sedihawk said...

I saw that youtube video stiffy. Overton is a hell of a defender and a great athlete who has harrassed players all season, but some of that was BS. Not so much that he grabbed and tripped, but his reaction to doing so was too "NBA" like. You know, some guys in the NBA who truly believe they have never committed a foul in their lives and must protest EVERY SINGLE call? I think Karl Malone to this day truly believes he never committed a single foul....anyway, it's over.

pac 10 champ! said...

How is the coug wine going down? Made from the best sour grapes in pullman no doubt? WOOF!

AznIrshCoug said...

Mr. 10-Chump. Shush.

wazzu alum said...

As the owner of the blog, I respect your request for a cessation of the comments against Nik -- but I really don't think you should squash the opinions of your readers. As a Pac-10 player and as a Pac-10 coach, Nik and Tony Bennett better expect criticism as well as praise.

In this case, I'm sure Nik is giving it all he had, playing with all the Cougar heart that is inside of him. I think to question that is just wrong. If he isn't giving 100%, judge him for that. But I'm sure he was.

Judge Tony Bennett for playing him. This blog should never discourage constructive criticism of the coaching staff. I think Tony's coaching moves cost us at least 4 games this year, and kept us from being competitive in a couple others:

- UW in Pullman
- USC in Pullman
- @ Arizona
- OSU in Pullman
- Saturday vs. UW

Tony should have played Klay until he fouled out. You know Rochestie is getting the shot at the end of the game anyway--get as much as you can out of Klay. He should have played more Casto and Capers and less of Nik. With Nik in the lineup, the defense sucked in, eliminated Baynes as a post option and kept Rochestie from driving. With Klay in there and even Capers to some extent, the defense couldn't do that.

Without some of these coaching miscues, the Cougs would be dancing.

Anonymous said...

GO COUGS!!! BEAT THOSE DUCKS! - FOH, FOH, FOH...oooops, I mean just one FOH as Moses Malone once said....4 in a row in 4 nights can be done....BELIEVE :)

Reno, NV

sedihawk said...

Hey alum, we will never squash opinions! If you hung around here during football season we saw a lot of venom towards Wulff. But while we didn't always agree, we were cool with it.

We let everyone post comments for a reason. Simply because we want it to be a place where you can express, celebrate, vent, you name it. But yesterday, it reached the point of enough is enough. Everyone had their say and that was it. We won't modify or delete comments around here unless it is absolutely necessary and crosses a line. It has happened a few times in the past, but some others around here can agree that we are pretty wide open with whatever you want to say.