Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Happy Humpday, Cougar Nation.

Just wanted to remind the faithful that it is REALLY important to enjoy tonight's game.

Although I am nearly certain that we will win tonight, if we don't, this could be it for our fellas:

With the CBI costing serious dollars and our current status in the NIT uncertain, we lose tonight and it could be over.

And, if it is, I call on all of you to give your congrats and thank you to the Seniors for all of the memories they helped create for us over the year.

WSU 71 Oregon 58


Soze said...

I'm don't think I can bring myself to "give thanks" just yet... LETS GO COUGS so I don't have to!

Anonymous said...

If Kopravica misses another wide open lay-in I'm gonna...

Jenkins said...

1. Can you believe how awful Oregon is? If it wasn't for a couple lucky Porter 3's, they probably would have just forfeited by now.

2. Why the hell is Koprivica playing, besides saving our better players for UCLA? Why did he play against UW, in particular, when we had a chance to get a first-round bye and to definitely make the NIT? Can anyone tell me that Casto, Capers (or even Harmeling, Harthun, and the 9th or 10th guys on the bench) couldn't do what he does? As far as I can tell, all he does is (i) catch the ball (usually), (ii) dribble once or twice with his dominant hand; and (iii) if he hasn't already been called for a charging penalty, he'll dump it off to a guard. That's a junior high skill set, not that of a starter on a Pac-10 team trying to get into postseason play. I'm sure Tony and crew know what they're doing, but as far as I can tell, the guy is totally useless. I've been saying this to anyone who would listen for the past two years. The only good thing about his game right now, as opposed to last year and earlier this year, is that he seems to realize that he sucks. This has caused him to try less often to perform his dominant-hand, bull-rush drives that usually result in a charge.

I have nothing against the guy personally, and he plays pretty hard. He just has no business playing significant minutes in the Pac-10.

Jenkins said...

Just scrolled down to see that you guys requested that we not trash on Krapivica. Sorry, I honestly hadn't seen that.

Sedihawk said...

It's cool Jenkins. As to why he is playing? NO CLUE either. I asked BH this the other day, what's with Lodwick or Harthun not getting more minutes? And especially now, in lieu of Harmeling's injury? Those guys barely got off the bench in a blowout last night. I don't know. There has to be more than the common fan (me) knows here. Maybe they are just so outclassed defensively that Tony won't play them?