Friday, February 06, 2009

Wulff to Speak on the KJR Airwaves

Conveniently ignoring the hoops loss last night, hey, lookie here - Paul Wullf will hop on the KJR airwaves with Ian Furness today at 2 PM to talk recruiting, the team heading into spring ball and for next year, etc. He's over here on the west side for the Seattle football dinner this evening, so he'll be in their studios for a ton of Coug talk. Give it a listen here, by clicking the link and selecting "listen live" button near the top-left of the page, as they offer the live stream (that is, if you can stomach the incessant UW hoops commercials in between segments! You've been warned...).

NOTE - KJR is very good about posting their feature stuff in the archives and made available to the masses on their website, pretty quickly after an interview happens. IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, here is the link to the interview.

Finally, we had a great representative last night at the football dinner in Shelton. Our own "Kaddy" was there and we will be posting some information from that experience. It sounds like a really good turnout, at least 250 there, which was more than was expected. Anyway, we'll have that up in the next few days, so stay tuned.

That's it for today. ENJOY YOUR FRIDAY and GO COUGS!


BH said...

I encourage all of Cougar Nation to listen to the last part of the interview when he talks about the guys who sat last year that are eligible this year.

Pretty exciting stuff.

And JT will be competing for the starting job.

gotta love that.

Sedihawk said...

On that note, be sure to listen to the first few minutes. Wulff says we'll be really young, "starting only one senior on offense and two or three on defense". Only four seniors next year? YOUNG, YOUNG, YOUNG.

I would highly encourage anyone/everyone to listen to it as well. There's a ton of nuggets in there for only a 26-minute interview, and some really good stuff in terms of recruits, the direction of the program, the progress they are making, grades and eligibility, the philosophy, the WHOLE DAMN THING!

BornCoug said...

I listened to the interview in the archives. Thanks for the link. I was really impressed with Wulff as well. His confidence really comes through more and more probably as he starts to get used to being interveiwed.

I honestly haven't been expecting much for next season because of the QB and line situation. I just haven't believed there is enough time. Lobbestahl's injury tops the list. The news is encouraging though. Lobbestahl hopefully healthy by next August. Reports that Turpin is up to 294 and Wulffgramm coming in at 290 and getting healthy. That's big news! If Pencer can breakthrough at offensive tackle WSU could have a line that can actually compete.

Time will tell. Good stuff though.