Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuedays with the REAL Moron (BH)

How you doin' Cougar Nation?

Hope you're having a great start to your week.

Well, after being accustomed to the great rantings of Uncle Sedihwak each Tuesday, homeboy had to go fire up a three day set of all day meetings in the A-T-L.

So, I'm pinch hitting for him this week.

That said, because I already AM a total moron, I'm going to replicate Sedi's great work by simply doing what I do:

Be REAL dumb.

With that in mind, here we go:

IS Taylor Rochestie an NBA player?

A couple of months ago, I would have told you absolutely "NO!!!!!!!" But after watching him over the last couple of weeks, I am not so sure. Granted, there have been times that he has tried to do too much. But, if you put that aside (and the context which creates it), why not consider his upside?:

1) Fantastic conditioning and stamina
2) Very good on-the-ball defender
3) Solid ball handler
4) Changes speeds well
5) Shoots fairly well on the move
6) Has Decent Range
7) Has a high assist-to-turnover ratio
8) Comes from a winning program

For BH, that's a lot of upside. Moreover, after seeing my non-main-man Jose Barea play a couple of times over the last two weeks

I can tell you that I like Taylor's chances even more. After all, Barea now plays about 21 minutes for the Dallas Mavericks even though he stands at only 6 feet, has no hops, and really doesn't defend that well. But, he shoots well and distributes.

If Taylor wants it, I think there's a two or three year roster spot for him somewhere in the league....
So, Andy Pandy Katz says that there is NO WAY that WSU can make the NCAAs as at large team.

I only half agree with him. There's NO WAY that we can make the NCAAs. But if we did, it would be AS AN AT LARGE TEAM.

Although the pundits don't agree with me, none of them are lifetime wanna-be-bracketologists.

And that's why they're actually paid sportswriters.

In my opinion, the magic number for this group is FIVE. That's right FIVE.

Win five games before our exit in the Pac-10 tournament and we dance for three years in a row. Consider the four ways we could do that:

1) Win one regular season game and then win the Pac-10 tournament. Result: we're in. (but we can never win 4 games in 4 days with Taylor playing 38+ minutes a game. That will NEVER happen).

2) Win two regular season games and then reach the Pac-10 tournament final. That winds up being 11-11 in conference and 19-15 overall. That's a bit of a stretch because of the Taylor fatigue factor, but it also probably gives us 4 wins over ranked teams in the seasons final 2+ weeks. Result: with a soft bubble, we sneak in.

3) Win three regular season games and then win two games in the Pac-10 tournament. Result: we finish 11-10 in conference and 19-14 overall. Lots of losses there to be sure. But, depending on how the conference splits over the next two weeks, we would have road wins @ASU, @UCLA, and @UW. Plus we'd have home wins over AZ & ASU, plus a neutral court win over ASU, UW, UCLA, or CAL depending on the split.

That's "in" folks, no matter how anyone else wants to cut it. Twelve seed here we come!
Since winning the 2008 Washington Sportswriter of the Year Award, our main man Vince Grippi has been tearing up the blogosphere. Yesterday, he did his best Uncle Remus post:

In that post, Grippi describes the happenings of the song birds in his yard.

And in other days, well, he does what Vince does:

He reports.

Its not that I dislike Vince's reporting 'cause god knows I WANT TO BE GRIPPI and I troll the internet hourly waiting for what he has to say.

But I think that I echo the sentiment of many in Cougar Nation in asking Vince to give a bit more of himself. Like, give his opinion early, often, and FOREVER.

Take yesterday's post an example. In that post, Vince talks about the rat-race that the Pac-10 has become.

Vince, what I WANT in a post like that is for you to tell us what the hell is going to happen in that race, not provide some vague metaphor for how the race relates to the Robins and the snow!

So tell us what's going on inside of YOUR BRAIN instead of just telling us what's going on in general.

It's YOU we're interested in Vince.

It's you!


Anonymous said...

FYI...you are a "pinch" hitter, not a "pitch" hitter ;)

AtlantaCoug said...

Looks like the Lobster had a little Booze and got nailed for it in Pullman. While this is an offense that 90% of college kids are guilty of, it still hurts to read about another issue in the paper.

BH said...

Thanks, Anony. Correction made.

I've been using a voice activated keyboard device lately. The word "Pinch" must have sounded like "Pitch" given all the drool that comes out of my mouth.

RE: Ocho Rojo. We decided not to post stuff about Lobster's issue. Given the fact that the Pullman police are known to hide in bushes in order to write Minor in Consumption tickets, we thought it best to give the kid a pass...

TiltingRight said...

Not to mention they apparently overblow every story that comes out regarding athletes at WSU.

I'm trying to reserve judgment until there's more info, but even if it's all true, stupid move not atypical for a college kid.

It's not like he got in a fight with 3 guys or hit someone with a frying pan.

James Wentz said...

In the paper it said they found him passed out in a truck in front of the police station with a bag of puke. It sounds like someone kinda set him up for that one. I can't imagine anyone, sober or drunk, that would be stupid enough to drive drunk to the police station.

Anonymous said...

Its not only that he was found at the police station passed out, but earlier in the night he was carrying a girl that was passed out drunk across campus on his shoulders. The police stopped him and popped him with a MIP for this and then he was found at the station later. Both of these in one night is pretty ridiculous and seems to me like it is not being blown out of proportion.