Saturday, February 07, 2009

Too Little, Too Late, Too Slow, Too Low?

Greetings, Cougar Nation. Hope you all are having a great start to a GREAT STINKING SIGNING WEEKEND.

Well, tonight our lads face the season's toughest test.

Because let's face it, nothing is more difficult than playing for your season.

Especially when the other team is not.

You know, some say that a picture is worth a thousand words. And for little ole BH, this one says it all (thanks to the Spokesman)

Just look at how much higher off the ground their guy is than our GUYS. Its not even funny.

And that's what it really comes down to: we need to become much, much, much more athletic.

The sad thing is, for a while, we were. Fast forward BACK to the UCLA-USC series with Marcus Capers on the floor and we looked a lot like last year. Add Casto to that mix and we look a lot like we did TWO YEARS AGO.

Unfortunately, for the three games since, we have reverted back to "too little, too late, too slow, too low." And it has cost us dearly.

So, with that in mind, I hope that you all are with me in echoing this sentiment from one far end of the earth to the other: IF WE ARE GOING TO LOSE FROM THIS POINT FORWARD, CAN IT PLEASE BE WITH YOUTH???

Not only is playing our kids the only chance we have of winning, its the only thing that will help us progress if we lose. Cuz lets face it, lose tonight and we're squarely in ninth with four of our top FIVE scorers not returning next year. But, win tonight and the season continues.

With Capers on the floor, I like our chances to win a close game. Problem is, Marcus will only get spot work tonight when it matters. And yes, we'll see our classy seniors (who are simply fantastic kids) play in the place of youth. And that will be our undoing once again.

CAL 73 WSU 49

I'll be back after the game. Hope you will be too.

Halftime: WSU 33 CAL 30. Nik is playing the game of his life. He is as stout defensively right now as Capers, but is also making GREAT decisions with the ball. Meanwhile, Tony got WAY too cute with his substitutions when we were up 16-5 early in the game. The result: a 20-2 CAL run that lead to a 7 point CAL lead. That said, to credit Tony, his starting line-up is working. Hopefully, that 1st half blow will lead to this starting group being on the floor the vast majority of the second half. I would also love to see Casto on cutting to the weakside for alley oops when they're doubling Baynes in the post.

Hang tough, Cougs!!!


BH said...

Vince just put up a really great pre-game post over at the Spokesman site. His take: Nik and Forrest will start at the forward spots.

Is it just me or is that the line-up we used against LSU?


Anonymous said...

Comfortably numb.

Longball said...

Cal is way better than us and we were in a position to the win the game in their house. That is about as good as we can expect from this team. I agreee, though. IT is time for a full on Youth Movement.

BH said...

We played really, really, really well and still lost.

it is was it is. we simply need to go get the Oregon schools and see if we can put enough of a second half together to challenge for the NIT.

The NCAAs are impossible for us now.