Thursday, February 26, 2009

So Sweet

To have the big black bird in your mouth.

Only caught one minute of the game--the last minute..

So share your thoughts about what happened tonight.

You can sure tell that we're starting to feel it.

Congrats Cougs!


TeachAO said...

We started to really fill it tonight in the 2nd half. Then we got some confidence. Taylor with the high five with his dad after the big shot. Classic! Baynes ends the game with 3 dunks. Casto took advantage of what UA gave him. Capers really was a great match up and was a shut down defender. Good Win!

Longball said...

I will gladly join you in that crow feast, BH. Being wrong never felt so right! This team has a chance to play itself into the post season now. A chance.

Watching that first half tonight we were doing some things so well that I kept thinking, sooner or later things are going to go our way. We were tenacious on the boards, but missing our put-backs. We were getting great looks against their zone D with patient ball movement, but missing SO many shots in and out. We were attacking their full court pressure better than we have all year, and we weren't getting rattled when they made their runs. When Klay banged in the huge 3 at the end of the half, you could just sense it. We had taken their best shot and were still standing and about to deliver. My game notes would probably be:

1.Caleb Forest. Dude was nails tonight.
2.Our freshmen. Casto, Capers and Thompson all made contributions we could not have won without.
3.Finally, McLovin. The energy of our youngsters made the plays we needed tonight, but Taylor was there to steady the squad when we needed it. Poise and control and timely shot making were all huge from Tay tonight.

The rest of our season is a single elimination tournament. Next up, Sparky.

Longball said...

And ANOTHER thing... Capers D on Wise in the 2nd half was a thing of beauty. A true frosh just shut down one of the most dangerous PGs in the conference.

Jenkins said...

Capers shutting down Wise really changed the entire game. Klay did a pretty good job on Curly, too -- he was exploited a few times, but generally, Budinger was reduced to an NBA-range launch machine. To imagine if we could have played like this the entire season, and have had at least a few of those close games that we lost go our way. Oh well. Good times are ahead.

Jenkins said...

By the way, glad I didn't go to Vegas, per the previous post's recommendation. I thought Arizona was going to win this one by about 12, given how they had been playing before this one.

Soze said...

I went to "Vegas" at and lost my whole wad. But it was the best $0.64 I've _EVER_ spent!

Sedihawk said...

What a win, what a week. First UCLA and the 2nd-ever win in Pauley, now beating AZ for only the 4th time in the last 48 games with them? Amazing. They aren't dead yet. Let's hope Sparky is dragging his tail into this next game after their OT loss late last night?

Atlantacoug said...

As well as Casto, Thompson and Capers all looked last night, the catalyst to me is still Forrest. When he is an offensive threat (12 points or so) we win. When he is off we can't make up that missing offense with the freshmen just yet. But great game. Glad to see Baynes family there and Rochesties Dad with the high fives. Good stuff.

TiltingRight said...

Caper's performance on D was so good, I almost gave him my "Player of the Game." If Klay's D on Budinger hadn't been just as good (though not as flashy), he'd have it.

I thought we'd be toast in this one. Crow's never tasted so good.

BH said...

We just have to keep it up. ASU is going to be gassed on Saturday and tight as hell.

The key for us is to keep that loosey goosey aggressiveness that we've had now for the past two games.

That said, I for one can not maintain such poise.

I am already nervous as hell.

ptowncoug said...

I with you on Forrest. He just brings another threat. The great thing is that the team is starting to play better with Capers and Casto. This allows us to give rest without the drop off which we had been experiencing earlier.
I like how Capers made a # of assists and great D. That is what we need from a guy who isn't going to score. I think by his play, Nik's time is going to diminish even more, which is fine by me.

Lucas said...

Nik is garbage