Saturday, February 14, 2009

The End

Terrible, Terrible, Gut-Wrenching Loss Tonight to the Beavs.

We can say what we want about the many positive attributes of this team--inlcuding the fact that we have several really good Pac-10 basketball players.

But ultimately, this group doesn't have any winners in the bunch with the exception of Thompson.

Meanwhile, the weight of seasons past just seems to have taken its toll on our seniors who look like THEY feel its slipping away all the time.

And now it has.

Our post-season chances of any kind are officially over.

We would love to hear if you think we'll win another game this year. And if so, against who?

Fire away if you have any bullets left.


kaddy said...

Nothing to say. If I had something to say, I'd be saying something. But I have say. Nope - you won't hear a peep out of me.

Selahcoug said...

Please start the youth movement. We have nothing to gain playing the upperclassmen anymore. Buy Nik a one way ticket to Europe so he can try his hand at a pro career and please never put him in a game again. The offense came to a hault with all the upper classmen on the floor at once. Let Capers be the number one point, let Rochestie just shoot. Put Baynes and Casto in together and just let them play.

Sedihawk said...

Uh....thanks Kaddy.....?

Disappointing all the way around. I think this team will go down as being known as the team that could hang around with pretty much anyone on their schedule (outside of Gonzaga and UW that is), but they just couldn't close the deal. This group was just the great divide - too much of a gulf between the strong group of true frosh, and the small core of seniors who were good but not great? Now I wouldn't go as far as to suggest that Taylor and Baynes aren't winners. I don't think BH is saying that, but those guys were GIGANTIC parts of last year's sweet 16 run, period. I don't know, my hoops acumen isn't great, but this year's team just seemed to be missing "it" all year.

What sucks is to be irrelevant again, while at the same time the "other" school is sadly on the rise again. It was a great ride the last couple of years, but once again I'm reminded how important it is to TRY and enjoy it while it lasts. Cougar football, Seahawks, M's, even the Sonics. Just another example to enjoy the moment.

Anonymous said...

6th of bench - lodwick
Play no one else for the rest of the season

Also doesnt it seem like whenever something goes bad for rochestie he acts as if its not his fault, I dont know might just be me but personally I think he needs an attitude check.

AtlantaCoug said...

I will be satisfied if we just don't play Harm or Nic the rest of the way. The worst part about this season is there are at least 4-5 games that we had healthly 2nd half leads and blew them all. This game being one of them. We seem to be about 4 points per game from having a GREAT season.

BH said...

Actually, in spite of Sedi giving me the benefit of the doubt, I acutally AMm calling the seniors out as not being winners.

That said, I am not exactly sure that doing so means that they are "losers" or that they were not "winners" during previous points in their WSU careers.

But, losing games you should have won REPEATEDLY is usually something that you associate with youth (e.g. "they just have not learned how to win yet). And certainly, we saw that with the previous group of seniors when they were underclassmen.

Last year I noted on this blog that I thought that Taylor and Baynes would be HUGE in the NCAAs in part because they had another year of eligibility left. I suspected that they would play be much more loose than Weaver and Low as a consequence.

This year, the weight of not having another year seems to have strangled nearly all of our upperclassment. Taylor has made all of one of about 14 crucial attempts down the stretch in the last minute of games. Baynes looks soft, we know about Harmeling, and Forrest ain't there when it really matters (in part because Taylor takes all the shots).

But Thompson made two threes in a row against CAL to tie the game up in the last minute. And he also had a quick catch and pull yesterday to cut a five point deficit down to 2. In addition, he also had the dipsy-do that broke our scoring drought.

Simply put, he is the only one that has the look of a "winner"--e.g. the guy who stops runs by the other team or calmly wills his team back from the dumps.

It will be interesting to see now if this group sulks or if it plays with reckless abandon the rest of the way.

Grady said...

Let's just beat the Huskies. Please.

Bayareacoug said...

I don't disregard anything that's been written, but there's always the Pac 10 tourney, right? I know I'm being overly optimistic, but this team has shown that it can play with anyone at times (before falling apart). If Taylor and Klay get hot and Aaron gets mad (and gets the ball, not to mention, sticky fingers), we ca win some games. I'm just saying...

buschlightalum said...

Personally I think Tony Bennett deserves credit for at least 4-5 of these losses...not the players. He is coaching with his head up his ass at times. When the plays go through Baynes...we win. When we get behind a little and then TB swallows his time-outs, and lets the guys jack three after three...and a 6 point run turns into a 20 point run...the coach is to blame. He has shit the bed on many occasions.