Monday, February 09, 2009

Breaking News - Michalczik OUT at UW

Hey, Paul Wulff and WSU nation can now re-embrace one of our own. That's right, Jim Michalczik, the recently hired UW offensive coordinator/offensive line coach, has now LEFT Montlake! KJR just broke the story. Michalczik is headed to work with Tom Cable as the offensive coordinator for the NFL's Oakland Raiders.

Congrats.....and welcome back to the Cougar family Jim!


Selahcoug said...

I wonder if it was that he had to wear purple or if it was watching all the cheating going on that helped him make the decision?

Sedihawk said...

Here is what I heard about the whole UW thing (and it's probably fine to tell this now that he left):

1) He wasn't sold on going to Seattle from the beginning.
2) He said no a couple of times but they kept upping the offer. 3) He finally said "Ok, I'll come, but this is how much I want." And they said OK.

Basically he held out for a huge raise, they threw the money at him, and only then did he come to Seattle. Now he's gone. Can't blame him for going to the NFL, but maybe deep down he was never 100% sold on the whole thing? At least now he'll be welcome again at '88 Holiday Bowl alumni events. :)

Michalzcik is a heck of a coach though. Take a look at Cal's o-line and running game over the last several years, and he's the guy who had a huge hand in all their successes. There is a reason he was at least initially talked about as a WSU candidate after Doba was fired.

BH said...

No matter what the reasons, this is not a good start for UW.

This is Sark's current track record:

1) Stole USC's Defensive Coordinator
2) Went after SC recruits
3) Went after UCLA's Defensive Coordinator
4) Stole CAL's lead offensive coach.
5) Lost the Same Coach to the Faders
6) Offered receiving coach possession for guy that accepts and then leaves for Utah
7) Had a couple of secondary recruiting violations.

So, he's burned bridges with SC, UCLA, and CAL. Not a big deal in one sense, but also not a great thing generally when you're trying to climb out of 0-12. As if that climb aint steep enough, he know has to really fight others that want to take his ass down. (oh, and that doesn't include his NW rivals that already are out to get the Defeateds)

All this puts even more pressure on him to win early.

Could be that my crimson glasses are overly shading my view, but this group seems destined to fail.

Chris said...

My money goes on the fact that Sark brought up his old buddy from USC and paid him twice as much. Talk about a slap in the face.

Chris '04
Pullman, WA

BornCoug said...

Count me in as one who is glad he left even if it is for the Raiders. I could care less the reason. I hope it works out for him with the Raiders but sadly Davis is still around.

I hate the mutt's!