Thursday, January 15, 2009


Made even more amazing by the absence of this guy:

The thing to take out of this SLUGLY-fest is that this team now has won 2 out of 4 Pac-10 games without putting 30 minutes of good basketball together.

Tonight, we got JUST enough contribution out of Taylor, Thompson, Forrest, and Big Baynes to pull this one out.

I thought the other difference in this game was Robinson's decision at about the 9:00mark to slow his team down when they were up 7-9 points. I thought that decision to go conservative with so much time left took his team out of rythm. And thank god he did (note: I love the patterned offense of the Beavs--they are SO much better under Robinson than Jay John Billy Jim Bob).

What we also saw tonight is what we have noted on this blog previously: Klay Thompson has the Pac defense down. His play tonight on the defensive end was special as was Baynes'. Baynes is EASILY the Most Improved Player in the league.

And congrats to Daven Harmeling who after putting up brick after brick after brick, and after passing up WIDE OPEN 16 footers in the gap of the zone all night long, quickly pulled the trigger on the game tying 3 in regulation from the baseline.

Final note: Did any of you notice how giggly and loose our boys were down the stretch? Hold on Cougar Nation, if these boys can somehow scrap out a win at Mac Court on Saturday, this team may actually REALLY believe in themselves.

And they're nowhere close to playing to their potential.

"A win is a win is a win is a win is a win."


BornCoug said...

That was pretty much ugly for the first 30 minutes. Turnovers, lack of rebounding, miss after miss from 3. To scratch back into the game after being down 9 to a team that slows things down was impressive.

Rotchestie and Baynes were key. There were not enough touches for Baynes but I agree on the most improved player in the league. His touch tonight on his hooks were very good tonight. They obviously needed every single one of them to go.

Thompson is one of the few that can get his shot. Harmeling simply is not the same guy. His shoulder is holding him down. Casto and Koprivica were too sloppy with the ball. That's going to happen to a young player like Casto on some nights.

Good win. Ugly as you know what but obviously one they had to get tonight.

BH said...


Great call on the lack of rebounding on the defensive boards. Its one thing when the other team is getting contested put-back opportunities, its another when they are getting extra possessions possessions.

Correct me if I'm wrong, Nation, but I think there were three times tonight that we were down 3 with under five minutes to go that we gave them an extra 1-2 possessions (e.g. they get an offensive rebound, kick it out, set it up, and run their offense again). Just horrible.

But again, even in spite of not playing well, we're 2-2 in the Pac and right in the thick of it.

My big hope is that Tony throws Casto right back into the mix on Saturday.

If we have any prayer to do well against the AZ and LA schools we'll need him.

Let's get the Ducks by whatever means necessary.


Sedihawk said...

Good call on Baynes. He is considerably better all-around. Losing some of the bulk seems to have really helped his footwork and he just looks quicker? But what do I know!

Good character W, bottom line. I thought they were toast down 9. But they showed some moxie vs. Stanford too so who knows, maybe they are turning the corner. This next game vs. Quacks will tell a lot!

What a tough conference. Oregon St is going to be a grind for anyone. They already beat USC, who just beat ASU by double digits last night. This is going to be a tough year.

ptowncoug said...

The Beavs are a tough team when you got a 7 footer who never plays inside and handles the ball. I think DC in foul trouble really hurt us because he would have eliminated some of that free wheeling to the hoop that OSU was doing so much. Baynes is a good defender, but does not possess the quicks or the leaping ability of DC to dissuade the amount of guard penetration that was occuring.

TiltingRight said...

I think the way OSU REALLY spread the floor is part of what got Casto in so much trouble, and wouldn't be surprised if other teams work that into their game plans a little. He's so energetic to begin with, that when you also have to run around that much, it can make you even more prone to overdue things.

Baynes was out for ten minutes as well in the first half when the Beavs were going ape. And our players were hesitating for a split second between identifying their passes and making the pass causing a TON of turnovers.

I liked our aggression to the basket, though. Two wins, and two GREAT free-throw rates. Be Agressive, B-E Agressive!

Go Cougs!

E said...

If I'm an opposing coach and watch film of this year's Cougs, I'm going into a full-court press from the initial tip. Gonzaga just destroyed us with it, and to a lesser extent OSU had good success last night as well. Against the press, we turn the ball over and the offense gets completely out of synch.


James said...

Agreed. Our passes are so predictable with a full court press. Rochestie and Thompson on opposite ends throwing it back and forth; pressure the freshman a bit and viola, a turnover.

I'll also agree about FT rates. We really needed to start driving in more for better shots and opening up things for our back court. If our back court can start hitting those deep, open shots consistently, Baynes will have more room to wreak havoc on the scoreboard and our offense will be much more complete.

Anonymous said...

Sept. 5 - Stanford at Pullman
Sept. 12 - Hawaii at Seattle
Sept. 19 - Southern Methodist at Pullman
Sept. 26 - USC at Los Angeles
Oct. 3 - Oregon at Eugene
Oct. 10 - Arizona State at Pullman (Homecoming)
Oct. 17 - Bye
Oct. 24 - California at Berkeley
Oct. 31 - Notre Dame at San Antonio
Nov. 7 - Arizona at Tucson
Nov. 14 - UCLA at Pullman
Nov. 21 - Oregon State at Pullman
Nov. 28 - Washington at Seattle

This is the new cougar football schedule. I think the seattle game needs to be scrapped. Hawai'i? SDSU? Baylor? Nevada? They would have come and playing in Pullman. Okie St, Colorado would have too if you contract a home at home correctly. I'm a season ticket holder and so pissed that I only get 5 effing home games.

Nuss said...

Hey BH --

Just wondering if you still have doubts about that USC defense after last night? That was ridiculous -- held the No. 1 statistical offense in the country to 86.7 efficiency.

Of course, I said I thought ASU had the look of a Final Four team, so what the hell do I know, either?

BH said...

And I picked Arizona to win the pack.

But, in answer to your question, the answer is no.

Hackett had a great performance against J.H. As I've said about ASU, they look like too much of a one man show for me.

That said, that one man has the potential to do so much on any given night. But, when he's off, its tough for them.

Outside of the CAL surprise, sure looks like a middle heavy conference to me..

To the Rest: Great call on the full court press. I read these comments after this last post, but you all are dead on.

We'll see if and how we adjust..