Thursday, January 22, 2009


Tough, but promising loss for our lads tonight as the Cougs fell 61-59 to the Bruins.

The difference in the game tonight was UCLA's first half + the first 5 minutes of the second.

That shooting display that the Bruins put out from behind the arc (with 80% of those shots with hand RIGHT in their faces) resulted in a 56% clip (out of 16 attempts).

If you would have told me that the Bruins would shoot like that BEFORE the game, I would have told you that we would have lost by 20.

So, now we know that our boys are for real. So young Cougars, including Marcus Capers who played a hell of a game tonight, keep your darn heads up.

Now, its just a matter of gutting one out on Saturday and then going at it at Arizona State.

Lets hope and pray that we can find a way to win on Saturday. Our boys are going to be an NCAA team before its all said and done.

Its just a question of whether or not we can grow up in time.


Tonight, we just scored 36 points in the second half against UCLA. On Saturday, we scored 50 in the second half against the Quack. You think we're getting our offense figured out???


Anonymous said...

F-in Dragovich...

BH said...

Agreed. Kudos for mentioning him before last night's game.

What a curse those Bruins have on us..

I mean, Nickdrag is a 25% shooter coming in and he gets his career high after one half of action. Meanwhile, Aboya shoots 56% from the line and then calmly drains both down the stretch.

Ah, to be a Coug..

Kip Winger said...

Ah, to be a Coug..