Monday Returns

Marry Christmas, everyone.  Your old pal Longball here, back at work and looking at these “interwebs” for the first time in TOO LONG.  What did I miss over the last few days?  Let’s see, apparently the Pope was tackled during a Hail Mary, a plane was nearly blown up, Urban Meyer retired and un-retired and Paul Wulff got the earliest recruit comitment in the history of the world.  Crazy! 

And oh yeah, Jim Sterk and Paul Wulff chatted with CBS Sports at halftime of the LSU hoops game, so check out the Youtube video here:

Meanwhile, about those assistant coaching rumors…..we’ve heard a couple of things in just the last week alone.  Mainly about one possible change on the offensive side of the ball.  Then today, something called posted this: 

Washington State: We hear the offensive line job is open at Washington State.”

So there you go.  It’s starting to percolate online.  We will see what happens next, but if true?  The Cougs need look no further than Moscow for a pretty darn good O-line coach….but I also think the Gilby rumors are interesting. Not a bad offensive mind to add to the mix if any of that stuff is true? 

Finally, I was in line for Santa pictures on christmas eve with coach Travis Neikamp and Chad Eaton, then on the way home saw Eaton unloading presents and realized he’s my neighbor.  I have only seen the lady in that particular house, but I think I need to stop by for beers!

Enjoy the start of your week, and as always, GO COUGS!